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  1. Courchevel Couloirs
  2. Col du Fruit
  3. Vallée des Avals
  4. Creux Bowl
  5. Loze
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Courchevel's off-piste can be split into what North American's would describe as inbound and outbounds. The original ski resort of 1850 is situated on the Tovet's plateau in a large north facing bowl that holds snow well but with the extension of satellite resorts down the mountain it is possible to ski to 1350 meters and even beyond. From the top of the Saulire to Brides-les-Bains can be covered in around 15 minutes for serious freeriders, when the snow is there. A trip that would take over half an hour by car.

Of course the inbounds skiing isn't true inbounds, controlled for avalanche risk, as in American resorts. However where off-piste routes threaten pistes below, for example the Courchevel Couloirs the routes are controlled, either using the resorts gazex system or by hand launched grenades. It is all a long way from when Emile Allais and his colleages controlled the slopes by ski cutting.

Outbounds and the the two big off piste classics are the Col du Fruit and the Vallée des Avals, both are far away from the pistes and lead into totally different parts of the resort. You will need a Three Valleys pass before attempting either.

Further Information

Dennis Summerbell and Amata Hornbruch have written an extensive guide to skiing in the Trois Vallées.

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