Australian avalanches

It is not just the Alps that are having some strange weather (cold and snowy at altitude with continuing avalanche risk above 3000 meters) Australia is also being hit by some big storms with almost 4 weeks straight snowfall in New South Wales with 120cm falling over a period of 72 hours.

Posted by davidof on the 03 August 2014

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Trip Reports

Fête du Travail on the Belle Etoile

Reunion of Team Bivouak for a Belle Etoile, well in fact we started with no fixed objective but decided that Prabert was nearest to home and with least portage (5 minutes from the car). We climbed the 650 meters to the Aigleton in 1h40 then removed skins to ski the east face with a fine layer of power on a hard base.

Posted by davidof on the 2014-05-01

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Pic de la Belle Etoile south couloir from Prabert

From Prabert climb to the habert d'Aiguibelle (1740m) then to the NE to the Col de l'Aigleton (2266m). Remove skins and descend East into the Riviers valley to 2140 meters. Reskin and climb to the NE to the lac du Grand Clot (2435m) then turn north into a large bowl, directly ahead is the South Couloir of the Belle Etoile.

Posted by davidof on the 01 May 2014

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