Third recall for ABS Airbag system

ABS Airbag System

As we mentioned on Twitter earlier ABS have announced another recall for their airbag system. This is the third recall for various faults and the second this year. This one is fairly general. Basically if you've fired your airbag with a steel activation unit filled before the 3rd of December is could be snafued.

Posted by davidof on the 20 December 2014

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Trip Reports

La belle reprise

A little afternoon tour to test the fresh snow and gear. There is no base in the snow pack below 1700 meters but still some rocks below 1900 meters. The snow was hardened by wind at the col de Oudis and some other exposed spots.

Posted by davidof on the 2014-11-19

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Chamechaude - pas de l Arche

Pas de l'Arche (Arch Passage)

From the col de Porte follow the trail to the cabane de Bachasson (1640m). From here follow a horizontal trail from immediately below the hut to the SW (direction le Sappey).

Posted by davidof on the 28 October 2014

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