Afterglow - Full Feature

Here is the full 12 minutes of Afterglow. A ski movie filmed in Alaska and featuring a segment with a couple of guys in LED lightsuits.

Posted by davidof on the 20 October 2014

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Discovery channel

An afternoon discovering a few singles above Bernin and St Ismier. I followed the route: Crolles -> Ch. des Communeaux -> Manival -> Tour d'Arces -> No Name -> Plat -> Cote Bonne -> l'Arguit -> Manival -> Pierre Champ Bertin

The No Name is a great discovery.

Posted by davidof on the 2014-10-02

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Pierre Champ Bertin

From the Reservoirs of the Fontaine Bonnet on the St Nazaire -> St Hilaire road follow the Chemin de la Communeaux unsurfaced road downhill for a couple of hundred meters. A wide path leads off to the left, this is the Champ Bertin trail.

Posted by davidof on the 02 October 2014

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