Avalanche warning for the Southern Alps 7 Feb 2016

The Southern Alps are expecting 40 to 70cm of snow over Sunday and Monday above 2000 meters altitude. Meteo France has issued the following avalanche warning

Posted by davidof on the 07 February 2016

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Charmant Som Bergeries and Beyond!

There's not much snow, about 10cm on the road (as opposed to 45cm measured Meteo France on the field next door. So it doesn't bode well for an end of season. The road had been pisted so climbed well to the Oratoire (PB 38 minutes - 450 VAM) then crusty to the Bergeries.

Posted by davidof on the 2016-02-10

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Le Grand Mont, NW

From the end of the road (Areches, la Chornais) follow a track which crosses a red ski run then zig-zags into the woods. At around 1660 m a long traverse to the SW brings you out of the woods and across a couple of avalanche couloirs.

Posted by davidof on the 28 January 2016

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