Auclair, Fransson and Daley killed in avalanche incidents

Professional mountain guide Liz Daley and skiers J.P. Auclair and Andreas Fransson have been killed in separate avalanche incidents in South America. Auclair and Fransson were taken by a 700 meter slide at the top of a couloir on Monte San Lorenzo in Patagonia close to the border between Argentina and Chile.

Posted by davidof on the 01 October 2014

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Trip Reports

Pierre Grosse

Afternoon ride from home to tackled the famous Pierre Grosse singletrack. It consists of 33 very quick and short switchbacks but relatively easy. See map for other trails used.


Posted by davidof on the 2014-09-16

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Torrent de Corbonne

Follow the Pierre Grosse trail. At the end of the 33 hairpins take the right fork rather than crossing the torrent on the left. After about 20 meters of descent cross the Corbonne stream.

Posted by davidof on the 23 September 2014

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