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Started at the eve of the Second World War l’Alpe du Grand Serre near Grenoble has not always had an easy history. The hotels were burned by the German army as revenge for attacks by resistors and the ski lifts were scrapped to help with the war effort. A satellite ski station located St Honore went bust and the ruins scarred the landscape for a generation. Even the original name “la Morte” was not exactly a marketing man’s dream but Grand Serre is maybe not great either (Effet de Serre - greenhouse effect).

Posted by davidof on the 16 September 2014

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Trip Reports

Pierre Grosse

Afternoon ride from home to tackled the famous Pierre Grosse singletrack. It consists of 33 very quick and short switchbacks but relatively easy. See map for other trails used.


Posted by davidof on the 2014-09-16

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Pierre Grosse

From the Massons car-park follow the signs to the "La tour d'Arces" then "Pierre Grosse"; carry on past the Pierre Grosse on the left to the end of the trail. Here cross a river bed (normally dry).

Posted by davidof on the 17 September 2014

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