Everest basecamp avalanche video

At least 14 people were killed on Everest after avalanches were triggered by the Nepal earthquake. However a number of climbers are still missing. Amongst the dead are Google exec Dan Fredinburg who had been covering his adventures on social media. German climber Josh Kobusch was able to film the avalanche as it struck base camp.

Posted by davidof on the 27 April 2015

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Trip Reports

Nearly summer

With temperatures hitting 26C today, in the valley, it almost seems like summer has arrived. However we're expecting snow at 1500 meters this weekend with a brutal drop in temperatures. Winter hasn't said its last word.

Posted by davidof on the 2015-04-22

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Grand Revard Nordic Ski Area

The Savoie Grand Revard cross country ski area claims over 150 km on a high, wooded plateau at the heart of the Bauges mountain range. (note I added up their piste figures and got 100km with some pistes covering the same trail.

Posted by davidof on the 09 April 2015

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