Ski tourer killed by Pyrenees avalanche

An avalanche has claimed the life of a female ski tourer in the Ossau sector of the Pyrenees today. The avalanche occurred in the vallon de Gabardères just after 13h00 at 1850 meters. Three ski tourers were involved in the incident, part of a group of 6 local skiers.. This is the first avalanche fatality in France this season.

Posted by davidof on the 14 January 2017

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First Nordic Ski of 2017

Very cold with a biting wind from the north. I parked right next to the Nordic ski tracks. Snow was a bit soft, needs to compact a bit more; sometimes the pole would sink in to ground level. About 20cm of snow on the pistes, 40cm elsewhere.

Posted by davidof on the 2017-01-16

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Cime de la Jasse, north couloirs

From le Pleynet, climb the ski trail to the combe du Pra. Climb the bowl to the south to the col du Pra via the easiest couloir. The cime de la Jasse is 50 meters to the west. Couloirs are roughly 40 degrees.

Posted by davidof on the 01 December 2016

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