Pierra Menta 64 under foot

In his 8th Webepisode, and the first for this season, Rancho (aka Enak Gavaggio) takes on the Pierre Menta ski mountaineering competition, well the 4th stage of the Grand Mont with some 2500 meters of climbing. He's partnered by former French rowing champion Caroline Freslon. Rancho started (but didn't finish) the three other legs but covered the 4th stage entirely respectable 4h58 in 174th place. Ok normally you've got to finish all the legs but this is show business.

Posted by davidof on the 08 December 2016

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Backup Plan

After the foehn the conditions were not inspiring with little snow visible below 2100 meters. However I knew there was snow on the Pipay piste to resort level so decided to revisit a route I'd tried at the end of last season - then I'd abandoned the plan to ski the north face of the Jasse due to a poor refreeze.

Posted by davidof on the 2016-12-01

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Cime de la Jasse, north couloirs

From le Pleynet, climb the ski trail to the combe du Pra. Climb the bowl to the south to the col du Pra via the easiest couloir. The cime de la Jasse is 50 meters to the west. Couloirs are roughly 40 degrees.

Posted by davidof on the 01 December 2016

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