Review of French Avalanche Incidents 2016/17

There were 22 deaths in the year to 30 september 2017 in France in 13 incidents. This is well below the long term average of approx 30 deaths per year in 21 incidents. However the gravity of accidents, 1.7 deaths per incident was above the average of 1.4. Over half the fatalities were due to 4 avalanches.

Posted by davidof on the 16 December 2017

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Trip Reports

Curates Egg

Good in parts, like the Curate's Egg. The wind has considerably affected the snow. It has been blowing strongly from the north for a couple of days. This has moved snow from N to S faces leaving ridgelines rocky but with big accumulations on lee slopes.

Posted by davidof on the 2017-12-02

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Scia NW Couloir

Follow the trail to the habert d'Aiguebelle (refuge, renovated in 2008 but closed). Take the path that climbs on the left bank of the valley and after 150 meters turn to the south-east to climb through a glade (pt 1500m - ravin de Muret).

Posted by davidof on the 20 March 2017

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