Did the French conquer the Alps?

Almer's Leap, a key point in the descent from the Barre des Ecrins

Just a few days after a disastrous defeat against New Zealand in the Rugby world cup that has left the nation shell-shocked the French have the 600th anniversary of the battle of Azincourt to remember. Not a good week. However there may be a ray of sunshine in a piece of revisionist history that could wipe out 150 years of hurt in the Alps.

Posted by davidof on the 19 October 2015

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Pravouta Primeur

The conditions have considerably improved since the weekend with around 20 to 40 cm of new snow on the start of a base. We started low at les Meunieres by the reservoirs with the idea that the fields above the village would have good snow.

Posted by davidof on the 2015-11-26

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Tour of the Crêt de Chazay

From the parking ride into Brignoud crossing the railway line and turn left at the lights. At 2.8km take the road behind the factory (route Royale) then continue on the D250 to Champ pres de Froges and Tigneux.

Posted by davidof on the 05 August 2015

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