Margherita Beria d Argentina killed by avalanche

Margherita Beria D'Argentina

24 year old Italian skimo racer, Margherita Beria D'Argentina, has been killed with two other skiers on the Italian side of Mont Chaberton. The group were reported missing yesterday and their bodies were found this morning. The other victims were her boyfriend Antonio Lovato Dassetto and high mountain guide Adriano Trombetta. The group were all very experienced ski mountaineers. Last weekend ski instructor, Benoit Tron, was killed nearby on the Ombilic ridge.

Posted by davidof on the 18 February 2017

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Jasse by fair means

A Jasse "by fair means" in other words taking the mountain bike from home to the snowline then skiing from there. 2350 meters of climbing in total. The mountain bike went fairly well in the cold morning air and it was good to see the gate closed at Prabert and another 3.

Posted by davidof on the 2017-02-19

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Orionde NW face

From the col de Mouilles follow the road (closed in the winter) towards the Pré Marcel. At the first junction take the left fork then 750 meters take a path to the right that climbs obliquely from the road.

Posted by davidof on the 28 January 2017

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