A legend falls

The Linceul, the Shroud, it is on every climbers bucket list but amongst skiers it is a myth. Skied by Jérome Ruby on snowboard and Sam Baugey on skis in 1995 it has never been repeated. The suspended snow field varies between 50 and 60 degrees, the entry goulottes around 80 degree. There are no photos of the first decent, hence the myth, but climbers on the route a day after witnessed the tracks.

Posted by davidof on the 27 May 2016

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Trip Reports

Col de Porte again

12C at the col at 1pm with a light foehn. The snow was pretty heavy. Skiable but largely due to improved technique this winter. The south loop had some bare patches as for the rest, around 20-50cm of snow.

Posted by davidof on the 2016-03-30

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Tour of the Grand Serre

From the ski resort of l'alpe du Grand Serre (la Bache) follow a trail to les Desserts behind the Grizzli buildings. Continue on the Blanche ski run then take a right on the "chemin de Sibitis) path.

Posted by davidof on the 22 February 2016

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