Ex-pisteur killed by Sainte-Foy avalanche

With the "little winter" the end of the season has been particularly deadly this year especially along the French/Italian border. There have been 6 incidents since the 28th April 2017 involving 3 injuries and 5 fatalities. On Saturday, Grégory Mistral, an ex-pisteur from Tignes and member of the Tignes Fire and Rescue services was killed in the Vallon du Clou near Ste Foy Tarentaise.

Posted by davidof on the 22 May 2017

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Evening Workout

Second rollerski of the spring. Great news is they've finished all the resurfacing work on the Bois Francais sector, so no more tree roots. There was a light northerly wind so did V2 on the south sections, V1 back into the wind, more or less.

Posted by davidof on the 2017-05-16

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Scia NW Couloir

Follow the trail to the habert d'Aiguebelle (refuge, renovated in 2008 but closed). Take the path that climbs on the left bank of the valley and after 150 meters turn to the south-east to climb through a glade (pt 1500m - ravin de Muret).

Posted by davidof on the 20 March 2017

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