Ceillac Avalanche, 6 bodies found

After a difficult search operation lasting all night the bodies of the six missing ski tourers have been found under an avalanche in the Ceillac area of the Hautes-Alpes.The group were supposed to return in the early afternoon after a ski tour in the Bachas valley.

Posted by davidof on the 25 January 2015

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Pea-souper in the Venetiers

Low cloud was clagging up the valley but a quick check of the les 7 Laux webcams revealed sun from somewhere around 1800 meters. I spoke to Mike who'd wanted to go to the Belle Etoile. I looked at the Avy bulletin.

Posted by davidof on the 2015-01-23

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Le Col du Chardonnet SW side

Descent to the glacier d'Argentière

From the col des Grands Montets ski down to the glacier d'Argentière. Start on the "Point de vue" ski piste and shorly leave it to the right do ski down the glacier des Rognons towards the NE and towards the glacier d'Argentière.

Posted by davidof on the 22 January 2015

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