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Arva launches mini beacon with maxi features

The Haute-Savoyard firm of Nic-Impex/Arva has been inspired by the evolution in smart phone technology with its new Evo 5 avalanche beacon which measures just  11x7 cm and weighs 170 grammes. The beacon is very keenly priced at 235

Posted by davidof on the 23 Jan 2019

Pyrenees on avalanche alert

An Orange avalanche alert has been issued for West and Central areas of the French Pyrenees for Wednesday 23rd January 2019. Snow will start in the west during the night and progressively move east during Wednesday and

Posted by davidof on the 22 Jan 2019

Weak layer collapse

French avalanche expert Alain Duclos has posted another of his interesting videos on slab triggering. This is on a west facing slope on the 16th January 2019 at 2900 meters in the Vanoise. Alain disturbs the thin weak layer until the whole area collapses triggering the

Posted by davidof on the 20 Jan 2019

Avalanche incident at Val Meinier

A Roumanian women has been injured by an avalanche skiing off piste in the Ski Resort of Val Meinier in the Haute-Maurienne. She was accompanied by friend when she triggered an avalanche on the East side of the Crey du Quart. She was found thanks to her avalanche beacon. The risk was 3/5 (Considerable) at the time of the incident. She was transported to hospital by the rescue services suffering from mild hypothermia and fractures. There had been fresh snow during the night accompanied by strong winds from the North / North

Posted by davidof on the 18 Jan 2019

French snow conditions, 10th January 2019

Inspite of the recent snowfall (around 10-30cm of windblown fresh snow in the Northern French Alps, Vosges and Jura) snow-depths remain  below average. The fresh snow and wind will lead to a considerable risk of skier triggered avalanches in some

Posted by davidof on the 10 Jan 2019

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