Courchevel Creux Bowl

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From the Sommet de la Viselle (marked Vizelle on the piste plan) in the west to Col de Chanrossa in the east the Creux bowl provides a vast off-piste domain A right angled section from the Cols Chanrossa to Fruit lies in the National Park however it seems accepted that you can traverse right off the Chanrossa chair into the bowl but avalanches are frequent so wait at least until the area has been secured by the pisteurs. This is also the start Vallée des Avals route. The bowl is north facing, traversing around lets you pick the most pleasing gradient, best snow conditions or untracked powder. You can end up under the Col du Fruit, looking up to the Aiguille there is a large north facing couloir which has been skied in the past.

You can enter this sector from the Creux Noirs chair, this is also the start of the Col du Fruit route. Climbing the ridge a couloir opens up on the left, this is the Couloir Creux Noir. You can carry along the ridge all the way to the Aiguille du fruit to ski the north couloir. It is also possible to find untracked powder between the Jean Pachod and Chanrossa pistes. Further down you can often find untracked snow to the right of the Fruit drag lift.

Prameruel Itineary - return to 1650/1550

If you are returning to the lower Courchevel resorts there is an itinerary run. From Prameruel take the boulevard des Gravelles, after you pass under the Prameruel chair lift there is a turn to the right. In front is a large steep piste between the pine trees. This takes you to Plan du Vah where you cross the main road before skiing down to Grangettes lifts in 1550.

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