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The col du Glandon is closed in the winter from the Rivier d'Allemont on the south side and St Columban des Villards to the north (Savoie / Maurienne). The road generally opens in mid-May on the south side and a week later to the north.

Chalets de Rieu Claret

Due to the east aspect of these slopes it is usually necessary to carry skis to around 1900/1950 meters, around 15 minutes walk from the car park.

GPS: N 45.2246° E 06.1397°, Altitude:1747 m

Col du Glandon

The Glandon road pass between the Isère and Savoie was opened in 1898 although the route has been used by travellers since pre-Roman times. The village of Vaujany lower down the valley witnesses this use. The name stems from Via-Janus, the road of Janus who was the Roman god of gateways.

Col de la Croix de Fer


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