Porte Puymorens Vallettes Couloirs

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Pic de l'Estanyol and the Valettes Couloirs

Pic de l'Estagnol, Pic de Font Frède and the many Vallettes Couloirs

The bottom is a good place to traverse across the vallon des Baillettes and climb one of the many couloirs de les Vallettes or the wide couloir south-west of the Pic de Font de Frède. The couloirs get steeper as you head up the valley and top out around 50 degrees. The summit ridge is very airy and requires mountaineering experience to cross from one couloir to the other.

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Back Bowl

Lone Pine on the Estagnol

Lone Pine

From the top of the Frède draglift a large and not too steep north facing slope leads to the summit of the Pic de l'Estagnol. Note the Gazex pipe in the middle of the face placed their because of the frequent presence of wind-slabs formed under the action of the prevailing southerly wind. In theory the Frède lift will only be open once the slope has been secured. Climb to the left of the gazex pipe to the ridge. From here you can descend an east facing bowl (shown on the piste plan to the left of the station). Keep to the left side of the valley. When you see Porté Puymorens turn to the north above the forest. This run should be tackled early due to its exposure to the morning sun.

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