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Atomic Outbreaker 2760g 169cm Atomic Ambition 2550g - 170cm

Blizzard Free Pro 3370g 178cm

Dynafit ST 7.0 2500g 169cm Dynafit FT 7.0 3370g 169cm

Dynastar Altiride 3100g 172cm

Hagan Haute Route 1840g 160cm Hagan Devil 2650g 175cm

Head Monster Alpin 2660 g 176 cm

Movement Chaman 1290g 167cm - 3000g 177cm

Stockl Pit Pro 3300 g 174cm

Trab Freeone 3050g 171cm Trab Freerando 2790g 171cm Trab Sintesi Piuma 1260g 171cm (my scale) Trab Piuma Pro 2240 g Trab Rando 2750g 171cm

Please add any skis you own and have weighed.

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