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Rossignol Bandit skis have long been favourites with the free-rando community and with ski touring the new growth area Rossignol have decided to formalize this relationship with a ski specifically oriented to this branch of the sport.

Rossignol Bandit B3 Respect

The Bandit B3 Respect is essentially a Bandit B3 that has been on a drastic diet. It has the same geometry but the VAS metal reinforcements have been removed and the mounting plate has been modified for AT bindings. This brings the weight of the ski down to around 3kgs. A pair in 168cm tipped our digital scales at 3000 grams, that's a full 120 grams less than a B2 in 160cm length. Respect indeed. Of course this diet comes at a price, the B3 Respect is a much softer ski. Find in powder and spring snow but less effective in difficult conditions – crud, crust and on icy traverses. The ski is wide which will make climbing hard work… but then that’s not the point.

  • Weight: 1550gr at 176cm
  • Sizes: 150, 160, 168, 176, 184, 190 cm
  • Dimensions: 120-83-110 mm/ 17,3 m in 176cm
  • Price: 549.95 €

Manufacturer: Rossignol

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