Rossignol Bandit B2

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Descendent of the legendary Bandit XX, the B2 has increased its dimensions by a couple of mm for 2006. The ski works well both on piste carvng turns and in powder. The ski turns very well perhaps due to the shark nose, a full-width aluminium insert under the ski tip for optimal torsional stiffness and strength. With the arrival new Rossignol B3 the B2 is being marketed as a piste ski for a wider public who might make occassional forays off-piste. However mounted with a binding such as the Fritschi Diamir Explore or Silvretta Pure it makes an excellent ski for mixed resort and ski touring able to cope with many snow types found off-piste. For harder resort and off-piste use, including bump skiing and jumps, consider a Naxo nx21 or Fritschi Diamir Freeride although such heavy bindings will limit the ski to shorter tours or lift served climbs for most skiers.

  • Manufacturer Rossignol
  • Lengths: 148-158-166-174-182cm
  • Sidecut: 116-78-105 mm
  • Radius: 16.6m / 174cm
  • Weight: 1495g / 160cm

The B2 often gets labelled as a "punter ski" or it "lacks character" possibly because it does a lot of things very well. The progressive flex means that it is easy to initiate and carve different turns in a variety of snow conditions. Performance comes at a price, the B2 tipped our scales at 1495 grams in 160cm length. There are no changes to the B2 for 2007. Very powerful skiers may find the ski too soft and, thanks to the 2006 update, low intermediate skiers may have difficulty getting the best out of the ski although it is an ideal begineers off-piste ski thanks to its supple front end.

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