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The following table is a summary of the winter sports accidents recorded by for the 04-05 season. This covers a nivological year, from the 1st October 2004 to the 30th September 2005. It is a small cross section of off-piste and winter sports accidents although the figures for avalanche fatalities is complete.

An analysis of backcountry and off-piste accidents for is available for download.

Date Injuries Deaths Range Department Location Experience Activity Cause Remarks Rescue Nationality Time altitude Aspect Risk
28/Nov/04 1 0 Oisans Isère les Deux Alps On Piste Snowboarding Fall PGHM French   3200 n/c
28/Nov/04 0 1 Alps Hautes-Alpes Cime du Vallon du Rabioux   Walking Fall Ice   French 1430     n/c
18/Dec/04 2 0 Belledonne Isère Chamrousse/Lac Robert Experienced Ski Moutaineer/Local Ski Touring Avalanche Victims partially buried CRS des Alpes French 14h55 2200 3
18/Dec/04 1 1 Aravais Haute-Savoie La Clusaz/Combe de Paccaly Ski Touring Avalanche No Transceivers GMSP French 14h55 2400 3
31/Dec/04 1 0 Massif Central   Le Mont Dore/Val d'Enfer   Off Piste Skiing Fall 350 meters   French   1500 N n/c
31/Dec/04 1 0 Grandes Rousses Isère l'Alpe d'Huez   Off Piste Skiing Fall   PGHM   10h30      
09/Jan/05 1 0 Belledonne Isère Crêt du Poulet   Ski Touring Fall   PGHM   14h30      
15/Jan/05 1 1 Sancy   Le Mont Dore/Val de Courre Group from Orleans Snow Shoeing Fall 150 meters on ice   French 10h30 1500    
16/Jan/05 1 0 Taillefer Isère   Local Ski Touring Fall   PGHM French        
22/Jan/05[1] 0 1   Savoie Les Karellis   Off Piste Snowboarding Avalanche              
25/Jan/05 0 1 Lac de Lou Savoie Les Menuires / Val Thorens with instructor Off Piste Skiing Avalanche   Piste Patrol Norwegian 9h45 2000 N? 4
25/Jan/05 0 1 Col du Tougne Savoie La Plagne with guide Ski Touring Avalanche injuries due to rocks - beacon Piste Patrol   11h50 2500 E 4
25/Jan/05 0 1 Combe de Lanchettes Savoie Les Arcs Experienced season worker Off Piste Snowboarding Avalanche buried several meters - beacon Piste Patrol British 12h20 2450 NE 4
25/Jan/05 0 1 Bellevarde Savoie Val d'Isère Local Off Piste Snowboarding Avalanche following tracks - beacon Piste Patrol French 14h05   N 4
25/Jan/05 1 0 Plan d'Aguille / Plan Praz? Haute-Savoie Chamonix Experienced Off Piste Skiing Avalanche   PGHM         4
25/Jan/05 0 1 Bellevarde/Table Couloir Savoie Val d'Isère Local / Instructor Off Piste Snowboarding Avalanche alone - beacon Pisteurs French 23h00   N 4
25/Jan/05 1 0 la cascade de Glace des Moulins Isère La Grave   Climbing Avalanche Ice fall - injury due to ice block GRIMP Spanish 14h00     4
27/Jan/05 0 1 Couloir du Ganchoue Hautes-Pyrénées Barèges   Off Piste Skiing Avalanche Deep burial, no transceiver CRS French 14h30 2000 N 4
30/Jan/05 1 0 Couloir du Ganchoue Hautes-Pyrénées Barèges   Off Piste Snowboarding Avalanche   CRS French   2000 N 4
04/Jan/05 1 0   Haute Savoie Chablais   Walking Avalanche 1m slab       2200 SW 3
06/Feb/05 0 2 Combe des Arriérés Savoie Champagny en Vanoise With Instructor Off Piste Skiing Avalanche Transceiver Piste Patrol Belgium 11h15 2500   2
09/Feb/05 1 0 Prapoutel Isère Les Sept Laux   Off Piste Skiing Fall 150 meters on ice CRS          
13/Feb/05 0 1 le Planey Savoie Notre-Dame de Bellecombe   Cross Country Skiing Fall fall into river   Dutch        
14/Feb/05 0 1 Aussois Savoie Aussois Piste Patrol Off Piste Skiing Avalanche Avalanche Clearance Work   French        
16/Feb/05 1 0   Haute-Savoie Chamonix   Off Piste Skiing Avalanche/Fall skiing alone           4
16/Feb/05 0 1 Roche de l'Ombre Savoie Courchevel   Off Piste Skiing Avalanche     French   2350 N 4
23/Feb/05 0 2 Glacier Argentière Haute-Savoie Argentière with Guide Climbing Ice Fall/Avalanche     French 17h30 2300   3
24/Feb/05 2 0 Rinoso Haute-Corse Corte With Guide Ski Touring Avalanche   GRIMP French 14h00 1600   3
24/Feb/05 0 1 Val Thorens Savoie Val Thorens ski instructor Off Piste Skiing Avalanche transceiver   French 16h30     3
24/Feb/05 1 0 Bonneval-sur-Arc Savoie Bonneval-sur-Arc   Off Piste Skiing Avalanche       16h30     3
26/Feb/05 1 0 Crête du Cros Isère Vercors Romans/isère Ski Touring Fall knee injury CRS French        
27/Feb/05 1 0 Chamchaude Isère Col du Porte Brignoud Ski Touring Fall fracture leg/ skiing at night CRS French 02h00 2000 W  
27/Feb/05 1 0 Combe de Poutran Isère Oz-en-Oisans   Off Piste Skiing Fall 300m fall after Cornice collapse CRS British        
28/Feb/05 1 0 Lances de Malissard Isère St Pierre en Chartreuse   Ski Touring Fall Shoulder Injury PGHM          
01/Mar/05 0 1 Saut du Laire Hautes-Alpes Orcières Local Snow Shoeing Fall fall on ice   French   2000    
05/Mar/05 0 1 Couloir de Casse-Rousse Isère Chamrouse Local Off Piste Skiing Fall Poor Visibility PGHM/Pisteurs French 15h00 2000 W 4
09/Mar/05 1 0 Grande-Tourra Savoie Termignon Local Ski Touring Avalanche     French   1900 N/W 3
11/Mar/05 0 3 Nant-Forchu Savoie Ecole en Bauges CAF group Ski (snowshoe?) Touring Avalanche Full depth avalanche from above - avalanche dog PGHM/Firebrigade French 15h20 1300 W 4
11/Mar/05 0 1 Pic de la Barasse Hautes-Pyrénées La Mongie Season Worker Off Piste Snowboarding Avalanche Full depth avalanche PGHM/Pisteurs French 16h30   N 4
13/Mar/05 0 2 Col des Méandes Hautes-Alpes MontThabor Club Group, Experienced Ski Touring Avalanche Slab avalanche - transceiver PGHM French 09h00 3000 S/E 2
13/Mar/05 1 0 Grand Som Isère Chartreuse   Ski Touring Avalanche   CRS des Alpes   12h00 1500   2-3
13/Mar/05 0 1 Schaefferthal Vosges Stosswihr Local - experienced skier Ski Touring Avalanche Probe Search PGM French 14h00   N 3[2]
13/Mar/05 0 1 Vallée Blanche Haute-Savoie Chamonix   Off Piste Snowboarding Fall Crevasse fall, walking on glacier       3400    
15/Mar/05 0 1 Glacier de l'Argentière Haute-Savoie Chamonix   Off Piste Skiing Fall 15 meter Crevasse fall PGHM French `14h00 2500    
16/Mar/05 1 0 Grand Moulins Isère Belledonne Nico from our colleagues at Ski Touring Fall Twisted knee Sécurité Civile          
19/Mar/05 0 1 Col du Lac Hautes-Alpes la Grave   Off Piste Skiing Fall Snowbridge Collapse       3000    
20/Mar/05 0 1 Grand Lance de Domène Isère Belledonne Local Ski Touring Fall Route finding error PGHM French 13h30 2400 S 2
25/Mar/05 1 1 Glacier du Rognon Haute-Savoie Vallée Blanche   Off Piste Skiing Fall 30m fall into crevasse PGHM Swedish 10h00 3000   2
02/Apr/05 2 0 Bellecôte Savoie Dome de Pichères   Ski Touring Avalanche Small slab Self French   2700 N 3
02/Apr/05 0 1 Saulire Savoie Courchevel   Snowboarder Fall     French 12h15 2500    
09/Apr/05 1 0 Chaudefour Puy-de-Dôme Le Mont Dore Local Snowboarder Avalanche Slab Not buried French   1400 E nc
10/Apr/05 0 1 Pointe du Chateau Haute-Savoie Reposoir Local Ski Touring Avalanche small slab/terrain trap PGHM French 13h45 2200 W 4
11/Apr/05 2 0 Col du Replat Isère Oisans Guided Group Ski Touring Avalanche           W  
17/Apr/05 0 1 Pène Méda Pyrénées-Atlantiques Gourette alone, 20 m from piste, no beacon Off Piste Skiing Avalanche slab Piste Patrol/PGHM French 10h40 2000 N/W 3
21/Apr/05 0 2 Grande Motte Savoie Tignes Season workers, equipped Off Piste Snowboarding Avalanche large slab, cliffs Piste Patrol/CRS/PGHM British 16h05 3200 N 3
30/Apr/05 1 0 Davin Hautes-Alpes Serre Chevalier   Ski Touring Fall lost balance in steep couloir Helicopter French 13h00 2800 N 3
30/Apr/05 1 0 Brêche du Rateau Hautes-Alpes La Grave C2C members Ski Touring Avalanche purge on south face in afternoon PGHM French PM 3200 E 3
15/May/05 1 0 Col du Diable Nord Hautes-Alpes Grande Ruine NimpCrew Snowshoeing Avalanche small slab 30x70x40cm, 100m fall CRS French 9h20 3100 N -
15/May/05 0 1 Cime du Sambuis Savoie Col du Glandon Local Ski Touring Fall slid on ice, 300 m fall PGHM Modane French 8h30 2700 N  
15/May/05 0 1 Pointe du Vallonnet Savoie Pralognan Local Ski Touring Fall Cornice collapse - 700m fall PGHM Modane French 12h00 3000    
20/May/05 1 1 Glacier des Sellettes Isère Aigulle de l’Olan   Snowshoeing Avalanche 200m fall CRS Briançon   15h00     -
26/July/05 2 1 Mont Blanc Haute-Savoie Mont Blanc du Tacul British Army Group Climbing Avalance triggered by  sérac PGHM Chamonix British 15h00 3500   -

[1] Source:

[2] No avalanche bulletins for the Jura but assume similar risk to pre-Alps at the moment.

Avalanche Fatalities By Activity

Ski Touring   9
Off Piste Skiing   8 [1]
Snowboard Touring   0
Off Piste Snowboarding   7
Snowshoeing   1
Climbing   1
Walking 0
Total for the season 26

[1] Includes one accident involving a member of the piste patrol during avalanche control

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