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naxo prinzzess
Naxo Prinzzess

The Naxo Prinzzess is a Naxo nx21 binding aimed at the female market. It is designed for the smaller footsizes and lighter weight of women riders and comes in just small and medium lengths with a weight of 2100 grammes per pair including brakes compared to 2250 grammes for the nx21. As the rest of the specification remains the same as the nx21 this means that Naxo has been able to save some weight on materials by better targetting the binding (or they are not comparing the same binding sizes - but in that case why the separate binding?). Oh and the binding comes in a mean looking black.

Aimed at hardcore female freeriders the small version of the binding has a maxium DIN of 12, the medium 13. The lower DIN of the smaller binding is logical as a smaller foot size usually equates to a smaller, lighter and less powerful skier.

  • Weight: 2100 grammes per pair incl brakes
  • Manufacturer: Naxo

This binding is also sold by Dynastar as the Legend Exclusive

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