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The ski resort of Haut Asco is situated in the Haute-Corse department in the Corsica region. The lift served area extends from 1400 metres to 1820 metres. The area is currently closed. The lifts and ski runs are in a poor state.

History - A Phoenix from the Flames?

This is the oldest of the Corsican ski areas. The Asco valley ends in a series of spectacular 2,500 meter peaks. The village of Asco has long been known for its honey. It was higher up the valley on the Stagno plateau at 1450 meters that, in 1964 the municipality decided to build the micro-station of Haute-Asco. Three drag lifts in the middle of an avalanche zone aimed at day skiers from the surrounding area. The swinging sixties even stretched to this savage corner of the Île de Beautie, the seasons could last 3 months and the promoters had big plans. These did not include the caprices of the weather. In 1992 torrential rain damaged the existing lifts and swept away those being built. The community was declared a disaster area and had trouble to find insurance for the ski domain and a hotel built below an avalanche chute!

In the end only a third of the area was exploited. Beyond the stretch of the lifts there was even a national competition level ski piste. Philippe, from the PisteHors team was in Asco recently and stayed in the hotel before traversing the Cirque de la Solitude, he reports large trees growing amongst the Poma lifts. It will apparently take more than €1 million to put the station back into operation, the mayor and the regional council are keen to get things moving but it is not clear if this particular phoenix will rise from the ashes.

The domain lies at the northern end of the Corsican Haute Route and offers ski-tourers some exciting possibilities.


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