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The ski resort of Ghisoni is situated in the Haute-Corse department in the Corsica region. The skiing is between 1580 and 1870 meters there are three lifts serving a slalom piste (Purine), a learner slope with artificial snow cover and a blue, red and black slope.


The micro-station of Ghisoni came to life in the 78-79 season and operated for just four years before passing into history. At the time there was talk of a liason with the Ese plateau at the other end of Renoso. The area was then better known when a plane carrying a basket ball team crashed on the mountain. Unlike the South American rugby team who's plane crash was immortalised in the film Alive! the players did not have to resort to eating the dead, or even the airline food!

In the 98/99 season Olivier LĂ©onetti, a ski instructor from Val d'Isere and native of Corsica restarted the station with big plans for the future. A new drag lift and even a chair, the first for Corsica, are planned. The idea is to turn the resort into a freeride mecca.

Off Piste Routes

Of the Corsican station's Ghisoni offers the most possibilities to off-piste skiers on condition that you are prepared to earn your turns and walk or climb a bit.


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There is a hotel called Le Kirie (tel: 04 95 57 60 33) and a gite [tel 04 95 57 01 81]. Further up is the restaurant 'U Renosu'.

Restaurants and Bars

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Guides and Instructors

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Useful Information

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For ski information call 04 95 51 07 67 or 04 95 57 01 45. When the snow is there, and when the generators are running the station can sell up to 500 lift passes a day.

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