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The following table is a summary of the winter sports accidents recorded by for the 06-07 season. This covers a nivological year, from the 1st October 2006 to the 30th September 2007. It is just a small cross section of off-piste and winter sports accidents although the figures for avalanche fatalities is complete.

An analysis of backcountry and off-piste accidents for the season is available for download.

Date Injuries Deaths Range Department Location Experience Activity Cause Remarks Rescue Nationality Time altitude Aspect Risk
19/Nov/2006 0 1 Tarentaise Savoie Tignes/Leisse   Skiing Fall     German 13h00 2700 N/W  
24/Dec/2006 1 0 Champsaur Hautes-Alpes Vallon de la Coupa Local Ski touring Avalanche   Eye Witness/Beacon French 11h00 2000   2
2/Jan/2007 0 1 Tarentaise Savoie Les Arcs 1950   Off Piste Skiing Avalanche no beacon, disorientated Visual French 13h30 2100 E 3
3/Jan/2007 0 1 Mont-Blanc Haute-Savoie Grand Montets/Lavancheur Local Off Piste Skiing Avalanche no beacon Probe French 11h30 2700 NW 4
3/Jan/2007 1 0 Tarentaise Savoie Tignes/Toviére Local Off Piste Skiing Avalanche no beacon Dog   13h30 2700 E 4
3/Jan/20067 1 0 Vanoise Savoie Meribel/Côte Brune Local Off Piste Skiing Avalanche no beacon, 70 mins under slide Probe Line French 13h00 2500 N/E 4
3/Jan/2007 1 0 Vanoise Savoie Courchevel/Rocher de l.Ombre   Off Piste Skiing Avalanche ski visible eye-witnesses     2400 N/E 4
3/Jan/2007 1 0 Tarentaise Savoie Val d'Isère/Spatule   Off Piste Skiing Avalanche under 1m50 Probe line   16h45 2600 NE 4
3/Jan/2007 0 2 Queyras Hautes-Alpes lac de Souliers Experienced Ski Touring Avalanche wearing beacons PGHM French 12h30 2400 E 4
3/Jan/2007 1 0 Ecrins Hautes-Alpes Serre Chevalier /Couloir de Balme   Off Piste skiing Avalanche Group of 7 Self/PGHM Swedish       4
5/Jan/2007 2 0 Tarentaise Savoie Tignes/Chardonnet Piste Patrollers Off Piste Skiing Avalanche   Eye witnesses/Beacons French/American 12h00 2500 N/E? 3
5/Jan/2007 1 0 Maurienne Savoie Bonneval/pointe d.Andagne   Off Piste Snowboarding Avalanche   Piste Patrol     2600   3
6/Jan/2007 0 0 Grandes-Rousses Isere Vaujany/Couloir Perrin Ski Competition Ski Touring Avalanche 1 buried, no serious injuries Self/Beacons French 10h00 2300 N/W 3
7/Jan/2007 1 0 Grandes-Rousses Isere Alpe d'Huez/Macle   Off Piste snowboarding Avalanche carried over cliffs PGHM/Securite Civile French 12h30 2500   3
10/Jan/2007 1 0 Haute-Tarentaise Savoie Val d'Isere/Manchet with instructor Off Piste Skiing Avalanche       16h00 2700   3
15/Jan/2007 0 1 Maurienne Savoie Val-Frejus   Off Piste Skiing Collision collided with snow canon     13h00     -
24/Jan/2007 1 0 Grandes-Rousses Isere l'Alpe d'Huez   Off Piste Snowboarding Fall Sprained Ankle            
27/Jan/2007 0 1 Ecrins Hautes-Alpes Pelvoux   Ski Touring Avalanche   Self/CRS Italian 13h00 2400   3
27/Jan/2007 2 1 Cerdagne Pyrenees Orientales Porte-Puymorens   Climbing Avalanche   CRS/Fire crew Spanish 15h00 2600 E 3
27/Jan/2007 0 2 Beaufortain Savoie Grand Mont Local Instructors Ski Touring Avalanche carried over cliffs   French 16h00 2400 N/W 3
5/Feb/2007 1 0 Oisans Isere Vallon de la Selle   Ski Touring Fall shoulder injury CRS de Alpes Swedish PM     -
9/Feb/2007 0 0 Chablais Haute-Savoie Flaine Piste Patrol Off Piste Skiing Avalanche with avalanche dog Colleagues French       3
9/Feb/2007 0 0 Aravis Haute-Savoie La Clusaz/Col de Balme   Off Piste Skiing Avalanche carried 300m remained on surface         3
11/Feb/2007 0 1 Maurienne Haute-Savoie Val Frejus Lyon Off Piste Skiing Fall short fall close to run   French PM     -
12/Feb/2007 1 0 Mont-Blanc Haute-Savoie Saint Nicolas de Véroce Local/Young Off-Piste Skiing Avalanche carried 200m   French       4
13/Feb/2007 1 0 Vanoise Savoie les Menuires   Off Piste Skiing Fall             -
13/Feb/2007 0 0 Grandes-Rousses Isere Vaujany/Perrins   Off Piste Skiing Avalanche 3 skiers rode out slide         4
13/Feb/2007 0 0 Grandes-Rousses Isere Auris/Cluy   Off Piste Skiing Avalanche   self rescue         4
13/Feb/2007 0 1 Haute-Tarentaise Savoie Tignes/Grattalu   Off Piste Skiing Avalanche alone/terrain trap/no beacon   French 12h00 2150   4
13/Feb/2007 0 1 Haute-Tarentaise Savoie la Plagne/Aroles   Off Piste Skiing Avalanche alone/terrain trap/no beacon Body visible on surface British PM 2300   4
13/Feb/2007 0 1 Maurienne Savoie le Corbier/Epaule   Off Piste Skiing Avalanche alone/no beacon/monoski   French PM 1800 N/E 4
15/Feb/2007 0 0 Pelvoux Hautes-Alpes     Off Piste Skiing Avalanche no injuries       2300 E 4
15/Feb/2007 0 0 Thabor Hautes-Alpes     Snowshoeing Avalanche no injuries       2300 E 4
15/Feb/2007 0 0 Haute-Bigorre Hautes-Pyrénées la Mongie/la Coume   Ski Touring Avalanche 3 skiers self - beacon         2
15/Feb/2007 0 1 Crevoux Hautes-Alpes Pic Haut Local Ski Touring Avalanche no beacon Probe Line French 16h00 2300   4
17/Feb/2007 1 0 Brianconnais Hautes-Alpes Cervières/Petit Peygu Lyon Ski Touring Avalanche beacon   French 14h30     3
18/Feb/2007 0 1 Queyras Hautes-Alpes Molines en Queyras/sommet de la Rua Isere   Avalanche     French       3
4/Mar/2007 1 0 Névache Hautes-Alpes Pointe Buffère   Ski Touring Avalanche very light injuries self Italien 12h45      
4/Mar/2007 0 1 Chartreuse Isere Monastere de Chalais Local Snow Shoeing Fall 15 meter fall   French 12h00      
4/Mar/2007 0 2 Pays d'Arves Savoie Tierres Vielles/Pic du Galibier Lyon/Uni Mountaineering Club Ski Touring Avalanche large avy Beacons/Self/PGHM French 14h00 2500 N 4
4/Mar/2007 0 0 Oisans Isere St Christophe en Oisans   Ski Touring Avalanche no serious injuries PGHM          
4/Mar/2007 1 0 Belledonne Isere col de l'Aigleton   Ski Touring Fall injured knee PGHM          
6/Mar/2007 0 1 Ubaye Alpes-de-Haute-Provence Lac Supériors de Marinet Local/CAF Ski Touring Avalanche 3 meters burial depth Beacons/Self/PGHM French 13h45 2700   3
8/Mar/2007 1 0 Oisans Isere Vallon du Selle local Ski Touring Fall   CRS des Alpes French        
10/Mar/2007 1 0 Oisans Isere les Deux Alpes Marseille Off Piste Skiing Fall 15m fall - serious head injuries CRS des Alpes French        
11/Mar/2007 1 0 Grandes-Rousses Isere l'Alpe d'Huez   Off Piste Skiing Fall 40m fall over cliffs Piste Patrol          
11/Mar/2007 1 0 Chartreuse Isere Col de Porte Pyrenean Ski Touring Fall Ski touring compet. PGHM French        
11/Mar/2007 1 0 Grandes-Rousses Isere Vaujany/Fare Couloir   Off Piste Skiing Avalanche Beacon Guide/CRS des Alpes     2700    
14/Mar/2007 1 0 Oisans Isere les Deux Alpes   Off Piste Skiing Fall fall over cliffs - 70yrs old   Dutch        
18/Mar/2007 0 1 Haute-Bigorre Hautes-Pyrénées la Mongie/Espade Bordeaux Off Piste Skiing Fall head collided with rock PGHM French 12h00      
26/Mar/2007 0 1 Mont-Blanc Haute-Savoie Grands-Montets Guide Off-Piste Skiing Fall 30 meter fall Piste Patrol French   2100   2
1/Apr/2007 2 0 Belledonne Isere Grande Lance/couloir diagonal Experienced Climbing Avalanche 300m fall Securte Civile French 12h00 2200 N/W 3
6/Apr/2007 1 0 Grandes-Rousses Isere l'Alpe d'Huez/Chimneys   Off-Piste Skiing Fall     Danish     W  
7/Apr/2007 0 1 Briancon Hautes-Alpes col d'Izoard Experienced Ski Touring Avalanche 30m under snow CRS des Alpes French 10h30 2500   2
7/Apr/2007 1 0 Ecrins Isere couloir du col de la Lauze   Ski Touring Fall   CRS des Alpes German 12h00      
7/Apr/2007 1 0 Grandes-Rousse Isere Grand Sablat   Off Piste Skiing Fall   CRS des Alpes British   3000 E  
8/Apr/2007 1 0 Tarentaise Savoie Val d'Isere Ski instructor Off-Piste Skiing Avalanche small slide over rocks   British       2
8/Apr/2007 1 0 Belledonne Isere Puy Gris   Ski Touring Fall dislocated shoulder CRS   AM 2600    
9/Apr/2007 1 0 Mont-Blanc Haute-Savoie Chamonix   Ski Touring Avalanche/Seracs buried 40 minutes in  a rimaye            
11/Apr/2007 0 1 Tarentaise Savoie Tignes/Grand Balme Pro Skier Off-Piste Skiing Fall Competition Piste Patrol/PGHM Swiss 13h50      
11/Apr/2007 1 0 Mont-Blanc Haute-Savoie Dent du Geant with guide Ski Touring Fall pre-release of binding   French 14h00      
16/Apr/2007 0 1 Ecrins Isere Col des Ecrins CAF de Strasbourg Ski Touring Fall   witnesses/CRS French 14h00 3250 W  
22/Apr/2007 1 0 Mont-blanc Haute-Savoie col du Maudit   Ski Touring Avalanche/Seracs   PGHM          
27/Apr/2007 0 1 Ecrins Isere Col des Ecrins   Ski Touring Fall     Spanish   3250 W  
28/Apr/2007 0 1 Mont-Blanc Haute-Savoie Grands Montets   Off Piste Skiing Fall steep skiing     AM 3000    
28/Apr/2007 1 0 Aravis Haute-Savoie Combe de Marion   Ski Touring Avalanche   PGHM French   2300    
29/Apr/2007 0 1 Mont-Blanc Haute-Savoie les Bosses   Ski Touring Avalanche   PGHM Finnish 9h30 4500 N 1
3/June/2007 0 1 Mont-Blanc Haute-Savoie Couloir des Cosmiques   Off Piste Skiing Fall   PGHM French 11h00 3500 W  
17/June/2007 1 1 Mont-Blanc Haute-Savoie Mont-Blanc du Tacul with guide who was killed Climbing Avalanche   PGHM Swiss 9h00 4100    
29/Sep/ 2007 2 0 Belledonne Isere Lac du Crop   Climbing Avalanche   PGHM French   2400    

Avalanche Fatalities By Activity

Ski Touring   10
Off Piste Skiing 5
Snowboard Touring   1
Off Piste Snowboarding   0
Snowshoeing   0
Climbing 3
Walking 0
Skiing 0
Total for the season 20

Last updated: 1st October 2007

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