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The following table is a summary of the winter sports accidents recorded by for the 07-08 season. This covers a nivological year, from the 1st October 2007 to the 30th September 2008. It is just a small cross section of off-piste and winter sports accidents although the figures for avalanche fatalities is complete.

An analysis of backcountry and off-piste accidents for the season is available for download.

Date Injuries Deaths Range Department Location Experience Activity Cause Remarks Rescue Nationality Time altitude Aspect Risk
03/Dec/2007 0 2 Ubaye Alpes de Haute Provence Col de Larche Y Snowboard Touring Avalanche on snowshoes Beacon Italian   2550 NE 3[1]
23/Dec/2007 2 1 Val Louron Hautes-Pyrenees Pic de Sarrouyes Y Ski Touring Avalanche Beacon French 2600 2
30/Dec/2007 2 0 Vosges   Falimont couloir   Climbing Avalanche   Surface French     N  
30/Dec/2007 1 0 Tignes Savoie Grande Motte Y Off Piste Skiing Fall CRS      
05/Jan/2008 0 1 Abries Hautes-Alpes Col de Malaure Y Ski Touring Avalanche    Beacon French 2300 NE 3
08/Jan/2008 1 0 la Plagne Savoie Glaciers Lift Y Off Piste Skiing Avalanche   French 2300 3
09/Jan/2008 0 1 Tignes le Lac Savoie les Tufs Y Off Piste Snowboarding Avalanche     Beacon New Zealand   2300  W 3
11/Jan/2008 0 1 Mont-Blanc Haute-Savoie Vallee Blanche N Off Piste Skiing Fall alone   Lithuanian   2650    
12/Jan/2008 0 2 Belledonne Isere lac du Crozet Y Ski Touring Avalanche [2]   Beacon French   2000  NE 2-> 4
15/Jan/2008 1 1 Vanoise Savoie la Norma/Vallon Saint Antoine   Off Piste Skiing Avalanche   Beacon French   2600 W 4
3/Feb/2008 1 0 Belledonne Isere Grand Colon   Ski Touring Avalanche     French   1800 N  
4/Feb/2008 0 1 Pra Loup   Langail valley Y Snowboarding Exposure alone Surface French        
5/Feb/2008 0 1 Val d'Isere Isere Bellevarde   Snowboarder Fall     British PM   N  
8/Feb/2008 1 0 Ecrins Hautes-Alpes la Grave/Freaux N Snowboarder Exposure alone   Belgium PM   N  
10/Feb/2008 1 0 Ecrins Hautes-Alpes col du Lauteret   Kitesurf Collision     Italian   2000    
2/March/2008 0 1 Mont-Blanc Haute-Savoie Vallee Blanche with guide Off piste snowboarding Crevasse Fall on foot PGHM British 11h30      
13/March/2008 0 1 Tarentaise Savoie Valmorel   Off piste snowboarding Fall     German        
14/March/2008 1 1 les Arcs Savoie Grandes Pentes   Off piste skiing Avalanche   Surface French PM 2800 E 3
14/March/2008 1 0 Brevent Haute-Savoie     On piste skiing Avalanche   Surface British       2
14/March/2008 0 1 Mont-Blanc Haute-Savoie Vallee Blanche   Off piste skiing Crevasse Fall     French 13h30 3400    
14/March/2008 1 0 les Karelis Savoie Grande Chible Piste Patrol Off piste snowboarding Avalanche   Surface French 12h30 2900 N 3
15/March/2008 0 2 Mont-Blanc Haute-Savoie Aiguille du Gouter Y Ski Touring Avalanche   Beacon French   2750 N 2
19/March/2008 0 1 Mont-Blanc Haute-Savoie Vallee Blanche   Off piste snowboarding Crevasse Fall     Russian   2800    
20/March/2008 2 0 Belledonne Isere Grand Sorbier Y Ski touring Avalanche   Surface French 13h15 2300 W 2/3
20/March/2008 0 4 Bigore   Pic du Midi Y Climbing Avalanche   Surface French PM 2700 W 4
28/March/2008 1 0 Belledonne Isere Vallorin couloir N Y Ski Touring Avalanche   Surface French   2500 NE  
5/April/2008 0 1 Aravis Haute-Savoie Combe de Tardevant Y/local Ski Touring Cornice rupture 350m fall PGHM French 13h15      
15/April/2008 2 1 Ubaye Hautes-Alpes le Germas Y/local Ski touring Avalanche fall over cliffs Surface/Eye Witness/PGHM French 10h15 2650 NE 3
19/April/2008 0 1 Mercantour Alpes Maritimes Combe des Gaisse Y Ski touring Avalanche Open 40° slope ARVA/companion French   2750 NW 3 -> 4
19/April/2008 2 0 Grands Rousse Isere couloir des Pioches   Off Piste Skiing Avalanche Carried 80m over cliffs Suface/Eye Witness French 12h00   NE 3
9/May/2008 0 1 Mont-Blanc Haute-Savoie col des Droites Y Ski touring Fall   PGHM French     S  
31/May/2008 0 1 Mont Blanc Haute-Savoie col du Plan Y Ski touring Avalanche 40°/800 m fall PGHM French 9h30 3400 N -
4/June/2008 0 2 Gavarnie Haute-Pyrenees Echelle des Sarradets   Walking Avalanche 30° - carried over cliffs PGHM British PM 2200 N -
14/June/2008 0 1 les Deux Alps Isere vallon de la Selle regular visitor Off Piste Skiing Fall 100m/lost? CRS des Alpes French PM 2100    
23/June/2008 0 1 Neouvielle Hautes Pyrenees Pic d.Estaragne Y Ski Touring Avalanche carried 400m PGHM Spanish 10h30 2800 NE -
24/August/2008 8 8 Mont Blanch Haute-Savoie Mont Blanc du Tacul with guides Climbing Avalanche triggered by serac PGHM Mixed 03h00 3600 N -

[2] Suspected avalanche.

Avalanche Fatalities By Activity

Ski Touring   10
Off Piste Skiing 3
Snowboard Touring   2
Off Piste Snowboarding   0
Snowshoeing   0
Climbing 12
Walking 2
Skiing 0
Total for the season 29

Last updated: 14th June 2008

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