Roller Skiing: Parc de la TĂȘte d'Or, Lyon, France - 123 m. (404 ft)

Sat, 17 September 2022


Minimum altitude: 117 meters

Distance: 9.2 km

Slope Aspect: Various

Trip Reports

Vertical Climbed: 20 meters (66 feet)

Vertical Descended: 22 meters


I wanted to check out Lyon's Golden Head park to see what the surface is like for rollerskiing. First of I discovered the tarmac on the roads and pavements of Lyon is like concrete and the points don't bite, at least not in the cold of a late summer morning. Lyon has a lot of cyclepaths that flow against the traffic, really good on rollerskis as you don't risk cars sneaking up behind you.

The surface in the park is better, a kind of red tarmac with a rough surface, ok to ski and also for the poles. At 8am there are a lot of runners, all going anti-clockwise compared to my clockwise. I felt like a Salmon. I did 3 tours at 3.5km each but the first didn't register properly on the GPS due to the tall buildings at the start. Not something I'm used to back in Crolles.

No prizes for speed and it appears no other rollerskier has been this way on Strava at least.


Cold, start of autumn with a wind from the north. Snow on the mountains above 1800 meters apparently. Bit of a shock after the heat of the last days.


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