Frequently Asked Questions

How can I write an article for the PisteHors News pages

Remember that PisteHors is essentially focused on French off-piste skiing and snowboarding and touring on skis and boards. We do publish some other articles where they might be of interest to readers. You can Submit Article using this link.

I want to add a link to my business/site

If you business or site is based in a particular resort then go to the resort’s page and edit it. You will need to register as a member to do this, but that takes about 5 minutes. Please add just one link per page and remember that your information must be relevant to the readership of the site. As examples hotels, chalets, restaurants, bars, ski instruction, ski shops, airport transfers would be considered highly relevant. If you are a Chamonix based painter, well that could be of interest too so feel free to add it but be aware that entries may get edited later.

I want to add some information about a resort or a piece of gear

If the page already exists (use the site search feature) then edit the page and add your piece. Pages use a “wiki” style formatting, specifically the pmwiki dialect but you can just type in plain text and save it. We will do any tidying later if necessary.

I logged into the Wiki but couldn't edit the page.

It is a bug with page caching on some browsers. Hit refresh and the Edit Page link should appear. Some pages, such as this one, are only editable by "super users" but they are largely concerned with site administration.

I want to add an off-piste or touring route

Hey, great, that’s what the site is all about. The easiest thing to do is to add the route under the “off-piste” section of the resort or nearest resort. For some resorts this information is just a stub, others have some general information in the resort page itself and resorts we have covered will often have one or more separate pages.

Is there some kind of template for routes?

The format we've adopted consists of the following sections:

  • The top line is a breakcrumb trail from the parent page
  • Text route description
    • any variations to the standard route
  • A table giving detailed information such as the ski rating
  • A trip report section with individual trip reports dated
  • A back/forward link to the parent page

When you open a new page you should be presented with a stub template. Otherwide open this page and copy and modify the code.

How do I insert a GPS route into a Trip Report?

We store GPS routes using the Google Earth kmz format. We have written an article about Google-Earth which you may want to read first. Use the


Syntax to upload your route. When you save the page you will be prompted for the route file to upload from your own computer.

How do I insert photos

Same as for routes, use the Attach image syntax and you will be prompted for all the files when you save the page.


Images should be less than 50kilobytes and in 320x240 format. If you want people to see larger images just include a link to your own website where the images are stored.

How do I insert a Video into a Trip Report

We currently support Google Video hosting. Use this Syntax

(:googlevideo 8571304440168816272:)

Replace the number above with the id of your video.

I guess you guys are pretty rich with all the advertising and stuff on PisteHors?

Not at all I'm afraid. The advertising goes some way to paying for our Linux server in the United States and it covers our not insignificant bandwidth charges. We also have expenses covering events, stories etc. Everyone who works on the site has a day job even if we are all keen ski and snowboard fans.