Petit Veymont North east Face

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Take the cross-country ski trail from the resort car park on the right bank of the river to the dam at 1315 meters then follow clearings to the Baraque forestière du Veymont (1535m). Follow the valley to the north couloir at the bottom of the Petit Veymont (l'Aiguillette). You will need to cut to the left to join the main couloir (50° slope) which leads onto the north-east face. Climb to the right past some small cliff bands to finish on a 50° slope.

Petit Veymont NE Face
Petit Veymont north-east face
Mountain RangeVercors
SummitPetit Veymont
Starting Altitude1250m
MapsVercors 3236OT
GPS WaypointN 44.8643°, E 05.5309°
GPS Route 
Grade[1]Danger: 3, Climb: TD, Ski: 5.1
CommentsSections of 50° with sustained 45°+
Road AccessGresse en Vercors

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