L Eperon De La Moliere

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L Eperon De La Moliere (Moliere Spur)

From the Bons chair follow the Fioc blue towards the chair’s mid station. Just above the mid station (about 2000 meters altitude) branch to the left to follow the ridge line (spur) with a steep bowl to your left. The ridge leads into a birch forest (a big feature of the road climb by the back route to les Deux Alpes via Bons are these open birch forests). Ski to la Molière then les Posettes to reach the village of la Ponteil (there is a creperie / grill at la Molière (tel 04 76 80 18 99 Portable : 06 08 80 18 47). From here walk on the road to the Bons chair. You can also branch right at the view point (table d’Orientation) to ski via les Portes and point 1401 meters directly to the Bons chair.

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