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The ski resort of Villar d'Arene is situated in the Oisans area of the Hautes-Alpes department in the Northern Alps region. The lift served area extends from 1600 metres to 1850 metres with two drag lifts on the south side of the main road. The area is part of the Ski-Meije lift pass. Although the skiing at Villar d'Arêne is strictly limited it could serve as an excellent base for day ski tours or for exploring the Serre Chevalier and la Grave ski areas.

villar d'arene

The Combeynot and Villar d'Arene in the valley


During a bloody retreat the German army and its allies executed 6 members of the resistance on the col du Lautaret on the 11th of August, 1944 they then took the whole male population of Villar d'Arêne above la Grave hostage. The hostages were made to walk in front of the retreating troops to trigger any mines. Five of the hostages and a German soldier were killed by a resistance mine at la Grave. On the 14th and 15th of August resistance members, hostages and Jewish refugees were executed in the town of Bourg-d'Oisans.

Off Piste Routes

The main off piste skiing is found in nearby la Grave.

Villar d'Arêne is the starting point for a number of ski tours:


Nearest Airport(s): Turin 145km (1h55), Grenoble St Geoirs 130km (2h00)

Road: N91 Grenoble/Briançon

Rail: Grenoble TGV then VFD bus transfer or Briançon



Hôtel Restaurant Les Agneaux

2 star hotel with 15 rooms and six suites, garage, terrace, sauna, sports room and jacuzzi

Hôtel Restaurant Bec de l'Homme

Place de l'Eglise

Hôtel Restaurant le Faranchin

2 star part of the Logis de France group

Auberge Aux Trois Frênes

rue 3 Frènes


Juge Sports sells winter sports gear as well as ski and ski touring hire.

Guides and Instructors

Bruno Mazier and Xavier Cret are the two local guides.

Useful Information


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