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Mountain RangeBelledonne
SummitRocher Blanc
OrientationNorth-East for the descents
Starting Altitude1634m
Vertical1650 m
MapsIGN n°3532 OT Massif du Beaufortin
GPS WaypointN 45.2470°, E 06.1304°
GPS RouteGoogle-Earth:Glandon
Grade[1]Danger: 1, Climb: PD, Ski: 2.3
CommentsInformation about risks, precautions, route difficulties
SnowboardersYes but the col de la Combe is flat.
Road Access 

Trip Reports

28th April 2007

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  • Weather : Sunny but cold at altitude, Good refreeze
  • Avalanche Risk: Weak (1/5)
  • Participants: Chas, Dave
  • Snow level: 1900 m

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