La Grave Off Piste Map

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la grave off-piste map

Okay here it is, the La Grave Backcountry Map. Did we tell you that a lot of the routes are on glaciers? This means snowboarder swallowing crevasses and skier squashing seracs (see red triangles). Apart from the obvious avalanche danger the difficulty of the routes depends enormously on the prevailing snow conditions. As well as the trio of avalanche beacon, shovel and probe riders may need climbing gear including crampons, ropes and harnesses for some routes. Some of the couloirs are very narrow, no more than a ski or board width. Other routes, especially couloirs, offer no obvious escape path and can be extremely dangerous when conditions are icy. Beware of goulottes - ice bands in the middle of couloirs formed in spring during the daily freeze/thaw cycles.

Google-Earth:La-Grave - GPS Routes

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