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At 1473 meters the Col de Vergio is Corsica's highest road pass. It is the most developed of the stations for those wanting to ski some piste with six drag lifts. The lift served area extends from 1400 metres to 1590 metres. A thick forest offers a few interesting run between the trees if the weather is poor. However the vertical is limited and the off-piste is almost nil. The station has been owned and run for nearly five decades by Jeannot Luciani and is the only station in private hands in Corsica. The infrastructure is aging and the station was only electrified 5 years ago. The future of the area is uncertain if M.Luciani decides to retire.


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Off Piste Routes

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It is possible to stay at the Hotel Castel de Vergio.

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Telephone 04 95 48 00 01 for information on the snow conditions.

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