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French Avalanche and Off-Piste Accidents 2009 - 2010

The following table is a summary of the winter sports accidents recorded by for the 08-09 season. This covers a nivological year, from the 1st October 2009 to the 30th September 2010. It is just a small cross section of off-piste and winter sports accidents although the figures for avalanche fatalities is complete. This information is provided to give an idea of the dangers posed to backcountry travellers. The information is compiled from reports sent to us and from some media reports.

The French Avalanche Research Association (ANENA) maintain statistics of avalanche accidents compiled principally from information supplied by the rescue services. Their database contains all incidents involving fatalities and probably around a quarter of non-fatal incidents.

Data Avalanche is another database of avalanche incidents.

An analysis of backcountry and off-piste accidents for last season is available for download.

Date   Injuries Deaths Range Department Location Experience Activity Cause Remarks Rescue Nationality Time altitude Aspect Risk
22/12/2009 2 1 0 Lauziere Savoie Valmorel/Combe de Roche Blanche - Off Piste Skiing Avalanche   CRS/Pisteurs/RECCO British 12h30      
22/12/2009 1 0 0   Savoie Valmeinier/col des Marches - Off Piste Skiing Avalanche   Pisteurs          
22/12/2009 1 0 0 Vanoise Savoie Courchevel/combe des Avals Y Piste Preparation Avalanche     French 11h00      
22/12/2009 2 1 0   Savoie Valmeinier/Crey du Quart Pisteurs Piste Control Avalanche ABS Used Companion/Beacon French        
23/12/2009 1 0 1   Hautes-Alpes Crete de la Gardette Y Ski Touring Avalanche   Companion/Beacon French   2200   4
25/12/2009 1 0 1 Mont Blanc Haute-Savoie Solanges/le Tour - Off Piste Skiing Avalanche Skiing Alone   British   2050 NW 3
26/12/2009 1 0 1 Cinto Haute-Corse Asco - Snow Shoeing Avalanche Alone Mobile Phone Triangulation/Probe British   1900    
31/12/2009 1 0 1 Vanoise Savoie Orelle With instructor Off Piste Skiing Avalanche   Beacon/buried for 15 minutes under 1.5 snow French       2
1/1/2010 3 0 3 Vanoise Savoie les Arcs/combe des Lanchettes With guide Off Piste Skiing Avalanche   Beacons + ABS French 12h00 2500 NE 3

Avalanche Fatalities By Activity

Ski Touring   1
Off Piste Skiing 4
Snowboard Touring    
Off Piste Snowboarding    
Snowshoeing   1
Total for the season  

Last updated: 2nd January 2010


PGHM - Peloton de Gendarmerie de Haute-Montagne. Special units of the Gendarmerie under the control of the Pr�fet. They are generally qualified as mountain guides.

GMSP - Special Units of the fire brigade. Groupe Montagne des Sapeurs Pompiers

GRIMP - Special Units of the fire brigade. Groupe de recherches et d'interventions en milieux p�rilleux

CRS des Alpes - Compagnie R�publicaine de S�curit�. Part of the National Police Force. They provide a search and rescue service in rotation with units of the PGHM. The CRS des Alpes was set-up in Grenoble during the winter of 1947/48. In 1954 national training centers were created in Chamonix and then Val d'Is�re.

Securitie Civile - Provide permanent helicopters and crew for urgent rescue missions and for transporting equipment and specialist rescue workers.

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