Road Cycling: Autumn days on the Venon climb - 722 m. (2,369 ft)

Fri, 22 October 2021


Minimum altitude: 215 meters

Distance: 30.1 km

Slope Aspect: West

Vertical Climbed: 535 meters (1,755 feet)

Vertical Descended: 532 meters

Rating: 3


The climb was harder at the end than I remembered. In general it felt quite easy, not like I was really killing it. It took 32m44s for the complete climb with a VAM of over 900. 500 meters of climbing over 6.8km. VAM was over 1000 on the first 2.5km of climbing but dropped back after with the flats.


Generally dry, a few leaves here and there but no real dangers. Moderate cold northerly wind but wonderful sunshine and warm out of the wind. First long sleeve ride of the autumn but still shorts weather.


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