Road Cycling: Alpino, Lake Maggiore, Italy - 832 m. (2,730 ft)

Mon, 8 July 2019


Minimum altitude: 213 meters

Distance: 26.2 km

Slope Aspect: North-East

Trip Reports

Vertical Climbed: 656 meters (2,152 feet)

Vertical Descended: 652 meters

Rating: 3


Stresa to Alpino is around 10km with 600 meters of climbing. The section out of Stresa is somewhat steeper than the final ride along to Alpino with some hard ramps on the way. There is an alpine garden at Alpino and some nice houses on the road. It is a pretty good climb in itself or to the village of Gignese if you are looking for a shortish ride. After the Mottarone cable car mid station the road ramps up and then turns into a dirt track for 2.5km with an average 3% descent. I wouldn't do it on a carbon bike but on a steel bike with good wheels or gravel bike it is okay.

Trip Report

Climb was fairly warm but there is a lot of shade. Except for some ramps it rolls pretty well but I was pleased to reach the top. The gravel section climbs a bit more before a 2km descent. It is passable on a road bike but nothing more. Great run down to Baveno with a view of the lake. Nice to have made this loop at last but it is more MTB or gravel bike territory.


Gravel section had some rain gulleys but otherwise ok. However the whole section was infested with black, blood sucking moths. I was completely covered with bites. Ok elsewhere.


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