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The Diamir Explore replaces the Titanal III, the binding is not a huge change. Fritschi understand that reliability is important in the backcountry. The toe platform has been redesigned and widened offering better release for Vibram soled touring boots and more effective energy transfer. The heelpiece and brake are also lighter and said to be easier to operate. The binding is also some 4mm higher than the TIII giving more leverage.

diamir explore toepiece

Diamire Explore Toe Piece

The binding is supplied with a stop strap, which attaches using Velcro. We found this more practical and safer in the event of an avalanche than plastic clips

  • Manufacturer Fritschi
  • Weight 1800 grams
  • Ski Brakes 170 grams

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If you've tried the Fritschi Diamir Explore write up your experiences here.

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