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Introduced for the 2007 season the Snoop Daddy gets a new topsheet, not everyone liked last year's retro graphics so Atomic has gone for a formica wood effect laminate (okay it is not really formica!). This mid fat freeride/all mountain ski offers 88mm underfoot and slots in between the Atomic Sweet Daddy (80mm) and the Atomic Sugar Daddy (99mm). Constructed on the established Beta 4 chassis it is wide enough for the deepest powder with a relatively short 20.4 meter turn radius (174cm) which is ideal for both the slopes and between the trees. The ski is softer than Atomic's pure piste offerings and are at home on powder and heavy snow but can still carve and handle crud. It reaches its limits on hard icy snow at speed.

atomic snoop daddy

The Snoop has Atomic's fully hardened Dura Edge, nice to know when you are on steep and icy slopes. Core is fiberglass. Weight is a claimed 3360 grams per pair (174cm) so light enough for extended touring.

  • Manufacturer Atomic
  • Lengths: 163 174 185 cm
  • Cost: 449.00 € (street price)
  • Weight: 3360 g/pr (174 cm)


  • Excellent in carved turns, grips on hard snow even on steeper slopes. Secure. Stable and manouverable. Light enough for touring. A really good all-rounder. - Ski Labo

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