Roller Skiing: Col de Porte rollerski track - 1,305 m. (4,282 ft)

Wed, 12 June 2019


Minimum altitude: 1,285 meters

Distance: 11.4 km

Slope Aspect: North-West

Trip Reports

Vertical Climbed: 50 meters (164 feet)

Vertical Descended: 42 meters



There is a small, 1.3 km loop through the woods and a biathlon shooting range. The loop has a short climb that is quite hard if you repeat the loop. The descent back to the biathlon range is fairly benign (but a big drop off if you get things wrong). Then, if the biathlon range is not in use you can loop around and repeat. The surface as the entrance to the loop has been damaged by winter piste preparation and is a bit rough. You need to buy a ticket at the ski de fond hut at the col to use the circuit during the day and in theory it is out of bounds after hours. The main advantage of this loop is it is only ski traffic, compared to the roads or cycle paths of Grenoble.

Trip Report

Training session with the SNC. We spent most of the time on the flat shooting range and turning loop doing exercises. We started with double polling getting weight forward and heel lift to extend the body, pushing with the upper body rather than the arm. Then skate 2 combined trying to get as far forward as possible with the poles with a long follow through. Then some exercises trying to glide on one ski at a time without poles. Altogether a useful session.


A few twigs but generally clear for skiing. The surface near the entrance has been a little bit damaged by the piste work this winter.


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