Ski Touring: Charmant Som en Classic - 1,672 m. (5,486 ft)

Sun, 1 March 2020


Minimum altitude: 1,317 meters

Distance: 10.7 km

Slope Aspect: East

Vertical Climbed: 377 meters (1,237 feet)

Vertical Descended: 378 meters

Rating: 2.1

Avalanche Risk: -


36:36 for the climb compared to my record of 32:20 (for both skating and classic). Not bad at all and my 6th best time. I put it down to better technique as well as fitness. Conditions were ok but nothing special. A snowstorm and strong winds on the summit plateau. Descent was excellent, again another good time, 8:44 and my 5th best.


Piste in better condition compared to last week - no bare patches and good snow without too many footprints. Classic tracks non-existent for certain sections. Snow drifting after the Oratoire so not great skiing.


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