Alpine Skiing: Slushy 7 Laux - 2,203 m. (7,228 ft)

Sat, 31 December 2022


Minimum altitude: 1,339 meters

Distance: 46.1 km

Slope Aspect: Various

Vertical Climbed: 5,490 meters (18,013 feet)

Vertical Descended: 5,490 meters


Return to the 7 Laux. Today it was much warmer with a southerly, strong foehn wind that even stopped the chairlifts at times. We ended up skiing quite a bit on the le Pleynet side as it was somewhat protected from the winds. The ice had gone to be replaced by slush in places or spring snow early on off piste where the sun was out (Pra side mainly) but the wider the skis the better as it was a bit treacherous. We skied the Plan de Pra a couple of times, this is a black unpisted run, pretty steep and technical and good fun. Lower down to Pleynet the trail was turning to mud and puddles in places with rocks to be avoided. Fewer people than a couple of days before, like nearly no-one. Surprising as very little is open locally; maybe everyone is at l'Alpe d'Huez?


Very warm. 10C at 1600 meters. Strong foehn from the SE visibly degrading the snow over the course of the morning. Some pistes a bit threadbare and stones


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