Snow Shoeing: Aulp du Seuil - 1,860 m. (6,103 ft)

Thu, 8 January 2015


Minimum altitude: 1,060 meters

Slope Aspect: East

Trip Reports

Vertical Climbed: 800 meters (2,625 feet)

Rating: 2


Climb to the summit of the ski pistes by the snowshoe trails (avoid walking on the cross country ski runs as this ruins the tracks) from the top of the runs climb behind the drag lift then follow a forest track to the South-West to a clearing at 1451 meters (l'alpette). From here climb a steep track to the north into the natural amphitheater, the cirque of the Aulp du Seuil. The trail zig-zags through some terraces to just below cliffs then traverses north on a flattish path flanked by a barbed wire fence. After rounding a buttress climb west into the wide Aulp du Seuil valley and to the summit cross.

Comments on route: The cirque is avalanche prone - purges later in the day. The path under cliffs is also subject to purges from the slopes above.

Access: Grenoble A41 -> Crolles Exit -> La Terrasse > Saint Bernard du Touvet > 2nd right in village to the Col de Marcieu (VFD Bus Service from la Terrace)

Country: France Area: Chartreuse Trailhead: Col De Marcieu

Other routes

From la Batie

Description: From la Batie climb the Combe du Combet on a path between two fields to a cross roads. Here continue on the right fork to cross the cross-country ski trails at 1260 meters. Then follow a wide track to the north cross the "sous la Charrasons" at 1360 meters then l'Alpette at 1460 meters.
Rating: 2
Orientation: East
Vertical: 800


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