Ski Touring: Roche Plane, east face - 2,166 m. (7,107 ft)

Sun, 16 February 2014


Minimum altitude: 1,150 meters

Slope Aspect: East

Trip Reports

Vertical Climbed: 1,010 meters (3,314 feet)

Rating: 2.2


From the junction at la Frasse behind the recycling climb the field roughly following the summer path to les Maisonettes (1150) passing by a reservoir at 1200m. Continue through the fields to le Chatelard (1400m), les Crozats and le Clou. At le Clou pass between a chalet and a reservoir into the woods. At 1750 meters the woods thin out, turn SW to the Lac Couvert then west to climb to the pt 1993m then around 2050 meters on skis. The true summit at 2166 is generally reached on foot (depending on snow cover).

Comments on route: The route is never steep except for the last 150 meters of the Roche Plane with is 30°. The descent is via a series of fields interspersed with summer villages and woods. It is very skiable right to the car park but the east facing slopes see quite a bit of sun.

Access: Albertville --> Beaufort -> Directon Areches, take the junction at Le Praz ( 1.5 km before Areches ) park at la Frasse or Les Maisonnette depending on snow cover

Equipment: Ski crampons for the final climb. Crampons to reach the real summit vai the ridge.

Country: France Area: Beaufortain Trailhead: Areches