Ski Touring: Cime de la Jasse - 2,478 m. (8,130 ft)

Wed, 15 January 2014


Minimum altitude: 1,088 meters

Slope Aspect: South

Trip Reports

Vertical Climbed: 1,400 meters (4,593 feet)

Rating: 2.2


There is a barrier at 1088 meters after Prabert which normally blocks the road in winter. From here climb the road of the Pre de l'Arc (once a Route National!) at around 1336m there is a left hand bend, 100m after take a right direction Habert du Muret (basic unguarded refuge). This is the GR548. At 1700 meters the narrow valley opens out into the SW facing Venetier Valley. Climb into this valley passing the Habert d'Aiguebelle on your left at 1740 meters. Climb into a South facing bowl to reach the lacs du Vénétier (2150 meters). Follow a central ridge to the foot of the Jasse which is normally approached on the left hand side (looking up the mountain) using the terrain to minimize the slope as far as is possible. The slopes on the right bank of the valley have seen some spectacular avalanches (at least one fatal) and should be treated with respect.

You can descend by the same route, or traverse to the left side of the valley which keeps snow better or ski towards the Dents de Bedina and ski the SE facing slopes.

Comments on route: Classic skitour, even 20 years ago it was busy Views of the Belledonne range, both north and south The valley leading to the Habert du Muret is avalanche prone from the Jas de Lievres (south facing slopes) In the spring (after 15th March) you can drive to the Pont de la Betta (1300m) or higher. The Jasse is usually possible until the end of April or later with a bit of carrying but is not a good early season option due to the rock garden at the bottom of the Venetier vally.

Access: Grenoble A41 -> Brignoud -> Laval -> Prabert

Equipment: Ski crampons

Country: France Area: Belledonne Trailhead: Prabert

Other routes

Jasse via the Col du Pouta

Description: From the ski resort of the 7 Laux follow the pistes to the Col du Pouta. From here traverse the ridge (short but fairly technical) to the Jasse. You will need crampons, ice axe and possible a rope. Descent by the Venetiers and return via the Tour des lacs de 7 Laux trail at the base of the Jas des Lievres which brings you to the Colonie de Vacances at 1553. Alternatively climb to the Dents de Bedina or Jas de Lievres and ski the north facing couloirs into the Combe de Bedina to rejoin the ski pistes at the Gros Caillou.
Rating: 2.2/E4
Orientation: South
Vertical: 1150

Jasse via the Combe de la Pouta

Description: Climb to the lac de la Jasse via the ski runs. From there continue into the Pouta valley and climb to the base of the slopes under the Jasse (2250m) from here the slope gets very steep, around 35 degrees, aim for the slopes between cliff bands. At 2350m traverse to the south to reach the SW summit ridge. Descend via the same route. This option is usually possible to mid May but the west facing slopes transform quite late.
Rating: 3.3/E3
Orientation: North-West
Vertical: 1150


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