Ski Touring: Grand Rocher from the Barioz cross country ski area - 1,926 m. (6,319 ft)

Mon, 6 May 2013


Minimum altitude: 1,430 meters

Slope Aspect: North-West

Trip Reports

Vertical Climbed: 560 meters (1,837 feet)

Rating: 1.2

Avalanche Risk: -


Excellent choice at the start of the season due to the high road access and on days where the avalanche risk makes other routes dangerous.

From the Foyer de Ski de Fond (Cross Country Ski area) follow the trail to the South West. During the cross country season keep to the side of the trail and do not ski on the cross country tracks. After about 100m cut throught the forest to the trail by the side of the lac de Crevecoeur (broken hearted lake) then into a clearing where you turn North-East and the Chalet de Pierre Roubet. Pass behind the chalet then South-East on a path that leads through the woods. This exits into a bowl, continue SE to the Lac de Sechident and the summit. You can also climb to pt 1914m and ski directly N from the summit in a kind of bowl before rejoining the summit plateau.

Comments on route: Note that the slopes under the Cret Luisard and east facing slopes are > 30 degrees so can avalanche. Watch out for Cross Country skiers on the forest trails, they have priority.

Access: Grenoble > Froges > Theys > col du Barioz

Country: France Area: Belledonne Trailhead: Barioz


Other routes

Face SE

Description: From the summit descend along the ridge to the south for 100m (pt 1910m) then ski the SE to East facing slope as far as the tree line at 1550m. Refix skins and climb to pt 1914 m via the east facing ridge.
Rating: 2.1/E1
Orientation: East
Vertical: 940

Col du Barioz

Description: From the col follow the trail to the barns of the Pre Farme, to the left of the Plateau du Laval to join the cross country ski trails under the Lac de Crevecoeur. This trail is not very steep. Route is popular with snow shoers.
Rating: 1.2/E1
Orientation: West
Vertical: 880

Les Vincents

Description: From the hairpin (894m) walk up the road to the S 100m to a gap in the fence. Climb a series of four fields/clearings until you reach a forest road at 1140m to the South West of Pre Grenon. Continue to the North East to Pre Grenon and to the South side of the Plateau du Laval before turning South East to join the main trail from the Col du Barioz. When there is good snow this is by far the most interesting of routes.
Rating: 1.3/E1
Orientation: West
Vertical: 1030

Grand Plan Alpine Ski Area

Description: Some limited off piste from the top lift either in the bowl sharp right (sometimes pistes as the Fougeres) and to the left of the Rhodus up to the Cross Country trails.
Rating: 1.1/E1
Orientation: West
Vertical: 350