Ski Touring: Le Grand Mont, NW - 2,686 m. (8,813 ft)

Thu, 28 January 2016


Minimum altitude: 1,310 meters

Slope Aspect: North

Trip Reports

Vertical Climbed: 1,400 meters (4,593 feet)

Rating: 2.3


From the end of the road (Areches, la Chornais) follow a track which crosses a red ski run then zig-zags into the woods. At around 1660 m a long traverse to the SW brings you out of the woods and across a couple of avalanche couloirs. At 1770 meters follow a steeper slope to the left. After a series of pitches you eventually arrive at a large col at 2073m above the lac Tournant. Traverse a slope (beware avalanches)to the south to the Lac Seston (2186m) and Lac Cornu (2224m). To the left the Col de la Forclaz is clearly visible. A ski lift arrives just below the col on the NE side. Turn SW into a valley with a couple of steep slopes. The final at 2500m is 40 degrees (risk of avalanche). At the top of the slope the Grand Mont (telephone aerials) is visible to the west.

Descent by the same route. You can cut the forest trail at 1660m to the left.

There is a free ski navette to la Planay (1200m) from Areches during the ski season. Parking. Note the end of the road is a turning circle. You can't park here. There is car park lower down.

Comments on route: Section 40 degrees at 2500 meters just before the Grand Mont. Beware of avalanches.

Access: Albertville -> Beaufort -> Areches -> direction le Planey -> le Chornais

Equipment: Ski crampons

Country: France Area: Beaufortain Trailhead: Areches


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