Road Cycling: Col du Coq in the fog - 1,278 m. (4,193 ft)

Tue, 27 December 2022


Minimum altitude: 258 meters

Distance: 28.7 km

Slope Aspect: South

Vertical Climbed: 1,029 meters (3,376 feet)

Vertical Descended: 1,029 meters

Rating: 5


As there is little snow locally I decided to get the road bike out and go up the Col du Coq as far as I could before sunset. It was sunny initially but as I started to climb low cloud blew in and visibility was poor - luckily I had brought my lights for the ride down. However it was not cold, very pleasant in fact. The climb felt quite easy, I was on a 34x25 gear to work strength a bit - out of the saddle on the ramps. At the Baure village the road was blocked for winter but no snow on the road beyond so I continued, finally stopping 1700 meters from the col as the shadows started to fall. On the ride down the fog had dropped a bit but was pretty thick needing care in case pedestrians were crossing on the numerous paths.


Warm and foggy until the turn with Col du Coq


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