Ski Touring: Rochers de Belles Ombres, East Couloir - 1,835 m. (6,021 ft)

Sat, 21 February 2015


Minimum altitude: 935 meters

Slope Aspect: North

Trip Reports

Vertical Climbed: 940 meters (3,084 feet)

Rating: 4.2


If snow cover permits park on D282 main road 500 meters after village on parking on right (pt 941). Climb the fields above the roads towards a reservoir then into the woods to join a path that climbs to the north to Pre Orcel (1405 meters) then the Cabane d'Allier (1550m). After a zig-zag the path traverses under cliffs. After about 400m traversing to the S by a left bend the cliffs open and you can climb up a steep slope to the col de Belles Ombres (attention potholes). Once you reach the col traverse to the north about 600 meters. You will see a headland in the distance towards pt.1843m and if you look over the cliffs (attention cornice/purges) a distinctive rock outcrop which is shown on the IGN map like an arrowhead.

There is a narrow couloir, barely a ski wide, follow this down, it opens up into a little bowl with another narrow couloir exit partially blocked by a small tree. This opens into a large bowl. Ski down into the bowl, you can traverse north over the top of the headland into another, narrower couloir or continue down. Towards mid-slope there is a small 1 meter high cliff wall, jump this. Continue down to join a forest road at 1470m. Rejoin the Pre Orcel carpark by following this trail south (short climb). From the Pre Orcel, if snow cover is good, ski down through the woods, traversing S, to join the fields above les Pres and the car park.

Comments on route: The entrance couloir is fairly steep and very narrow.

Access: Grenoble > Le Touvet exit > Saint Vincent de Mercuze > Montalieu > Les Prés

Equipment: Crampons

Country: France Area: Chartreuse Trailhead: Les Prés


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