Ski Touring: Dôme des Oudis - 2,124 m. (6,969 ft)

Sun, 5 May 2013


Minimum altitude: 1,570 meters

Slope Aspect: North-West

Trip Reports

Vertical Climbed: 555 meters (1,821 feet)

Rating: 2.1


From the ski resort of Pipay () climb to the Trou Charbonniere (coal mine) then Col du Pipay to the Dome des Oudis (2124m). Descent by the same route or the west or south facing slopes of the Oudis.

From the Oudis you can also descend via the N facing slopes (ski 3.1/E1 - watch out for the corniche) or the open W faciing slopes ski 3.2, slopes of 35 degrees. Both popular off pistes in the ski season.

Comments on route: Ski touring is not allowed on the ski slopes, ideal for the start or end of the season. The Maturu piste normally has snow cover to mid-May. You can climb via the Butte de Pipay in this case, either on foot or skis.

Access: Grenoble -> Froges -> les 7 Laux (Pipay). VFD bus in the ski season.

Country: France Area: Belledonne Trailhead: Pipay

Other routes


Description: From the col des Oudis climb the pistes to the Oursiere chairlift (2226m). Descent by the same route.
Rating: 2.1/E1
Orientation: North

Roche Noire, couloir d'antenne

Description: A real summit without any lifts. The couloir is obvious, both steep and narrow. Climb via the Col du Pipay then the S ridge. It is worth climbing the last meters from the Antenna to the summit. There is a wacky cairn.
Rating: 3.3/E2
Orientation: South-East
Vertical: 560

Pas de Chien

Description: After the Oursiere chair take a break in the ridge line on the right, traverse under the ridge to pt 2226m (take care there are cliff bands to the right as you traverse) then descend towards the lac des "Marmottons" (1900). Climb back up to the Oudis to return to Pipay.
Rating: 3.3/E2
Orientation: South-East
Vertical: 1000

West Face

Description: When the snow is very good there is a steep descent possible on the west face (ski 4.1/E3)
Rating: 4.1/E3
Orientation: West
Vertical: 560