Inline Skating: Inline along the Isere - 224 m. (735 ft)

Mon, 2 January 2023


Minimum altitude: 218 meters

Distance: 12.8 km

Slope Aspect: West

Vertical Climbed: 17 meters (56 feet)

Vertical Descended: 17 meters


Decided to inline today as it was easier to get the skates out. Legs a bit tired an achy at the start but ok on the return - must be the boots and position. Also a bit shaky for the first few kms plus wet leaves and sticks. It is a good balance exercise. Got attacked by an enormous dog at the start but it couldn't bit through my wrist guards and got one in the face. "He's very friendly" according to the owner. Yeah.


Not too bad considering. A bit wet / leaves under tree cover but overall ok. Warm.


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