Ski Touring: Trainer Couloirs of the Jas de Lievres - 2,325 m. (7,628 ft)

Sun, 16 March 2014


Minimum altitude: 1,350 meters

Slope Aspect: North-West

Trip Reports

Vertical Climbed: 975 meters (3,199 feet)

Rating: 3.3


At the southern end of the ski resort of Prapoutel - Les 7 Laux the Jas des Lièvres and the Combe de Bedina have been spared ski lifts and only off piste skiers using the Lac drag lift disturb the peace in the right side of the bowl. The North west face of the mountain has 4 main "trainer" couloirs. Neither too long, nor too exposed and close to the ski resort they are a good intro to couloir and steep skiing. Possible to ski down the South or South-West slope to reach the ski resort via the old "colonie des Vacances"

From the ski resort follow the P'tits Loups green then Bedina black piste. At 1580 meters follow a flat track to the right into the Combe de Bedina. Here you can see the four couloirs and the summit.

#1 Couloir NW 3.3/E2: From the summit descend 50 meters on the N ridge to enter into the couloir. The entrance is frequently windblown.
#2 Couloir N 3.3/E1: The shortest couloir just under the summit on the Planijean ridge. Descend 30 meters to the west. The couloir is about 100m long and less than 45 degrees. This is also the best way to climb.
#3 Couloir Y. This is the most interesting couloir with a total drop of 200 meters and a 45 degree slope. At the summit it forms an Y. The left branch is around 50 degrees: 4.3/E3, the right branch is 40 degrees: 4.2/E2.
#4: Couloir de la Croix de Planijean: The couloir is L shaped and is 40 to 45 degree steepness. The foot divides in two. 4.1/E2

Early in the season there may be sections of rock at the base of Couloirs #3 and #4. Check on the way up as these add to the difficulty.

Comments on route: The slopes under the Jas de Lièvres are avalanche prone. On the north side with slabs, on the south slide with large natural avalanches.

Access: From the Autoroute take the Brignoud or le Touvet exit and follow signs for les 7 Laux (Prapoutel). Also possible from Prabert.

Equipment: Crampons, ski crampons, helmet

Country: France Area: Belledonne Trailhead: Prapoutel


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