Tignes Glattier

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Glattier Tignes

The Glattier

Back on the piste and our guide Olivier Carrere was off again. With little time to stop and stare we skied over to the Brévières sector. This would be the ideal morning to tackle the Glattier before the ski schools and inevitable off-piste skiers tracked it out. We took the Chaudannes chair and the Rhododendrons piste, where it splits from the Petit Col we traversed east one by one across a slope before joining the Glattier valley. The skiing was not particularly steep but the light powder offered minimal resistance to our skis. Great plumes sprayed out with every turn. The valley turned narrow and twisting before coming to a stop at the avalanche protection by the road. Some 500 meters of perfect descent. We caught the 11.45 am transfer bus to les Boisses and the Aiguille Rouge back to Tignes. Again, on the Petit Col blue, Olivier veered from the piste to find a short slope hidden from the gaze skiers. He stopped at the bottom to wait and had a snowboarder who had followed us crash into him. Get the f**k out of the way the boarder yelled. Olivier pointed out that as he was firstly off-piste and secondly up slope he should exercise more care. Yeah, whaddever came the response.

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