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The ski resort of Cauterets is just over 30km from the pilgrimmage center of Lourdes. It is situated in the Argelès-Gazost area of the Hautes-Pyrénées department in the Pyrénées region and borders on the Pyrenees National Park. The lift served area extends from 1730 metres to 2350 metres. There are 36 km of lift served runs. There are 37 km of cross country trails. The resort features a snowpark.

Cauterets Powder


In Medieval times the village of Cauterets was only accessible by mountain path. However, the ‘special healing waters’ were already becoming famous.

The 19th Century gave rise to the ‘golden age’ of the spa town. With improved access, increasing numbers visited Cauterets to take and bathe in the waters. By 1900 the likes of Chateaubriand, George Sand and Victor Hugo had made the little town famous and large private houses and ornate hotels had sprung up everywhere in the narrow valley. Evidence of this period remains to this day sin the Boulevard Latapie-Fleurin where you can see some of the grand architecture of the period. The construction of a tramway in the early 1900s, joining the rail network at Lourdes, made Cauterets even more popular.

Times change, however, and after world war II the popularity of the spa diminished. In the 60s, the resort reinvented itself with the construction of the ski station at the Cirque du Lys.

These days, the cure thermale is included in the treatments offered by the French Health system to those suffering from respiratory problems and rheumatism. The ski resort is amongst the most popular in the Pyrenees, and Cauterets is now a busy year-round destination.

Off Piste Routes

la Combe du Mauloc

If you look at a piste map the Combe du Mauloc is a large wild valley to the left of the main cable car. Take another look at the piste map and note the shading. The sunny, south facing slopes are extremely avalanche prone. In the summer they are ungrazed pastures and the long grass is an ideal sliding surface when covered with snow, especially as the day warms up and meltwater seeps down to this bed. You should never ski these slopes no matter how tempting they may be (see red triangle on map). The name, Mauloc should be a warning being derived from the latin malus (bad, wicked).

Combe de Mauloc''

You can access the Soum (summit) de Malloc from the Baumes drag then a blue run. From the summit stay on the left side of the bowl, the shaded north facing slopes. After 700 meters you arrive at the Courbet car-park. Here you can pick up the Courbet gondola for another lap or, if conditions permit, ski down to Cauterets itself. Cross the bridge and enter the forest under the cable car, follow the road to a right hand hairpin and branch off to the Ferme du Cambasque and descend to Cauterets crossing a number of fields. The Combe is reserved for experts but the Courbet-> Cauteret section is an off piste in itself and idea for beginners.

Off Piste Action



Nearest Airport(s):

  * Lourdes-Tarbes-Pyrénées 35Km
  * Pau-Pyrénées 80 km
  * Toulouse-Blagnac? 205 km 

Road: A 64 (E 80) Lourdes exit, take the N21 from Lourdes.

Rail: TGV de Lourdes (30Km). Regular bus service run by the French Railways between Lourdes-Cauterets. Cheap night TVGs are available to Lourdes from Paris on certain days.



Les Ruisseaux

Bed and Breakfast Accomodation.

Package available including: 5 nights bed, breakfast and dinner, Airport Transfer (Pau - fly from London Stansted with Ryanair), Daily transport to and from ski station.


Stylish and affordable self-catering accomodation in the heart of Cauterets. Perfect for skiing for walking in the Pyrenees. A range of 7 self-catering apartments, from 2 person studio to large 3 bedroom apartment for 6-8 people. Apartments with private balconies overlooking river and mountains. Daily tea and cakes in Welcome Room with riverside terrace.

Restaurants and Bars

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No Limits

Hire of ski and snowboard gear.

Guides and Instructors

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Useful Information

  * Resort website:
  * email:
  * Meteo France: 08 92 68 02 65 (premium rate number)
  * PGHM de Pierrefitte: 05 62 92 75 07

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