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A superb and complete route. The approach is easy. The couloir at 40° to 45° is not exposed.

Take the path towards the pont de la Betta. After the bridge follow a steep path to the left towards the Orionde. Cross the Pendule Bridge and climb the brushwood covered slope on the right hand side. Below the Orionde follow a couloir on your left (40° over 100m). You are probably best climbing this on foot. You exit into a wide bowl at 2093m. Afterwards climb to the summit by one of the couloirs (45° sur 100m). If you are concerned by the avalanche risk it is possible to climb to the summit by the ridge on the left (looks pretty airy to me).

Mountain RangeBelledonne
SummitPic de Barlet
Altitude2306 m
Starting Altitude1306 m
Vertical1000 m
MapsIGN n°3335 ET Bourg d'Oisans
GPS Waypoint 
GPS RouteGoogle-Earth:
Grade[1]Danger: 2, Climb: D+, Ski: 4.3
CommentsPassage 45° ; 40° over 350m.
Road AccessPrabert
RefugesHabert des Jarlons?

Trip Reports

31st December 2007

Last of 2007, like a fridge. We stopped on the ridge that overlooks the lac de Crop and the famous couloir en 'S' at the point 2150 meters. 20cm of cold snow on a hard and slippery base. A zone of slabby snow under the slopes below the summit couloir. The couloir does not have enough snow cover to give it a less severe aspect.

A nice demo from Luc of extreme telemarking and David kicked off a small slide in the lower couloir with his "bulldozer" turns. The Orionde bowl was excellent to ski and the brushwood under the Crop is better covered compared to Wednesday with yesterday's snowfall. A superbe trip for New Year's eve with an improvized meeting because I started from Prabert and Luc and David from the col des mouilles... we met up just at the base of the Orionde north bowl. That let us attempt the Barlet and to let me discover the hidden suspended north west bowl. Happy New Year

-- Anny

Luc and I started fom the col de Mouilles. Not much snow below 1200m. The slopes under the Orionde had some slabby snow. Nothing nasty, just 10 to 15cm on a hard base.

We traversed by the Jarlons then the north-east bowl to meet Anny. The snow was very changable. Hard slabs, soft slabs. At 1900 meters I noticed graupel. The base seems pretty clean though but we think it was a real risk 3 day. We had thought of the Breche west of the Rocher ... but as it was on the lee side of the prevailing wind decided the traverse under the Orionde was not tempting. Reading the trip reports later in the day this seemed very wise. The Prabert road was a pleasure to descend.

  • Weather : Sunny, cold, strong north-east wind
  • Avalanche Risk: Considerable (3/5)
  • Participants: Anny, David, Luc
  • Snow level: 1000 m

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