Grand Sorbier West Bowl

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Park either at Casserousse and follow the Pourettes route to the Breche de Robert Nord or from the Recoin sector of Chamrousse and ski to the lacs Roberts (ski tourer ticket available for a one way trip on the lifts). From the far side of the lac Roberts follow a steep slope to the north-east this leads into the Sorbier bowl. The valley flattens then steepens again to the col du Sorbier. The final meters are steep and are usually tackled on foot. The Sorbier is the second summit just to the north.

Grand Sorbier routes
le Grand Sorbier, west bowl

Return via the Croix de Chamrousse and the Casserousse ski slope (the Pourette traverse is not very interesting on skis).


As the bowl flattens at 2200 meters you will notice a couloir to the left (north), follow this onto the Grand Sorbier west plateau then turn east to reach the summit by rolling slopes. Note that this is the only exit from the ridge, the slopes to the north-west are blocked by cliff bands not shown on the IGN map. Toponeige rating: 3.2 / expo 1

Grand Sorbier variant
Small couloir leading to west side of the Sorbier
Mountain RangeBelledonne
SummitGrand Sorbier
Starting Altitude1410m
MapsIGN n°3335 OT Grenoble
GPS WaypointN 45.1341°, E 05.9339°
GPS RouteGoogle-Earth:Chamrousse
Grade[1]Danger: 2, Climb: PD, Ski: 3.3
SnowboardersYes but return via the Croix de Chamrousse
Road AccessGrenoble -> Uriage -> Chamrousse -> (Parking de casserousse) or Recoin
RefugesCabane des Lacs Roberts?, Chalet de Chamrousse?

Trip Reports

16th April 2007

The weather was very warm, +10C at 6am at the Chamrousse weather station (1800 meters) but the refreeze was surprisingly good except in the forest where the trees had stopped the snow re-radiating heat. I fixed ski crampons for the final climb to the summit of the Sorbier, the last 20 meters a scramble on mixed rock and ice on foot. At the summit I skied down the west plateau with Steph and Paul-Henri looking for an exit to the north-west but we were blocked in several places by cliff bands. Finally, after climbing up 150 meters, we descended by the small couloir that leads into the west bowl, apparently the only escape.

Grand Sorbier West
Paulo in a couloir on the west side
  • Weather : Very Warm, Sunny, Good refreeze
  • Avalanche Risk: Moderate (2/5)
  • Participants: David, Steph38, Paulo
  • Snow level: 1500 m

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