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Follow the same route as the Montagne de Barlet but at the lac de Crop traverse across the left bank. The slopes around the lac de Crop are avalanche prone and should only be tackled when the conditions are stable and with good group spacing. Large avalanches descend from the Ferrouillet and Replomb and frequently break the ice on the lake.

At the end of the lake start to climb to the south-west above the lac Bleu. At 2100 meters you will see two couloirs. The left couloir takes you to the col du Petit Replomb. The right couloir directly to the Grand Replomb. The left couloir is slightly wider and easier to climb. When you reach the col traverse across the summit of the Petit Replomb to reach the Grand Replomb 100 meters to the north. The right couloir is reached before the summit of teh Petit Replomb. Ski down into a bowl, the couloir is on the right bank. In both cases you will find spring snow on the sunny left banks of the couloirs.

All the lac de Crop routes are better later in the season when the brushwood that infests the slopes below the lake down to the Pent de Pendus is covered with snow.


It is better to descend the left bank of the lac de Crop (attention avalanches). You can then either continue directly northwards to ski wide, open slopes that join the path or turn north-westwards to ski a small, steep couloir under the Barlet mountain. This crosses the path at 1730 meters. You should see this couloir as you climb up to the lac de Crop on your right as you traverse. The GPS route takes this couloir.

Mountain RangeBelledonne
SummitGrand Replomb
OrientationEast to South-East
Starting Altitude1336m
MapsIGN n°3335 ET Bourg d'Oisans
GPS WaypointN 45.2016°, E 05.9815°
GPS RouteGoogle-Earth:Betta
Grade[1]Danger: 2, Climb: PD+, Ski: 3.3
CommentsThe couloirs are around 40°
Road AccessGrenoble > Brignoud > Prabert > D528 to the limit of snow cover
RefugesHabert du Ferrouillet?

Trip Reports

13th March 2007

Petit Replomb
David traversing the Petit Replomb

We set off from the Betta parking just before 8h00. The first signs of snow were at the Betta bridge but continuous snow only started higher up on the traverse to the Pont de Pendus around 1390 meters. The brushwood was covered with snow which made climbing easier. A lot of avalanche activity around the lake with an old slide that had broken the ice at the south-end. We climbed the right couloir directly to the Grand Replomb then traversed across the Petit Replomb to the col and the wider couloir. Spring snow on the left bank which turned into dense powder of about 10cm depth on an icy base. Not unpleasant but with a few traps.

Petit Replomb North Couloir
Luc at the foot of the north couloir

Traversing across the left bank of the lac de Crop we took the small couloir directly down the mountain. The slope had begun to transform slightly although the snow was still hard but very easy to ski.

Here is a video of the Grand Replomb ski tour.

  • Weather : Warm, Sunny, Good refreeze
  • Avalanche Risk: Moderate (2/5)
  • Participants: David, Luc
  • Snow level: 1390 m

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