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Pravouta may lack height but it is almost the perfect ski mountain with every aspect skiable offering a variety of slopes. It can be linked with the Bec Charvet? and the Roc d'Arguille which offers the two long descents of la combe du Giclard and la Combe du Giclas

Voie Normale - South-East Face

This face can be clearly seen from the valley below. It is a wide, open slope of around 30 degrees. There are some rocks below the summit so you have to watch out if snow cover is poor, the best bet is to ski down the right hand side close to the forest. The slope can avalanche, you should stick close to the forest rather than the line shown on the IGN maps. Catches the sun throughout the season so ski either directly or during fresh snowfall or after the snow has transformed (it is likely to be crusty in the winter).

West South West Ridge

From the summit there is a wide ridge to the west, lightly oriented to the south. The prevailing wind means there is often a small cornice on the left hand side, consequently snow cover on the right can be lacking. Ski to the bottom, the slope is pretty even then either traverse right to the Pravouta refuge to pick up the forest trail or when the snow cover is good peel off to the left into the south-west bowl to recover the forest trail at 1400 meters.

South West Bowl

This is a large bowl, steep at first it flattens out lower down before descending through trees to the forest trail which returns to the col du Coq. It gets quite a lot of windblown snow off the ridge. It sees the afternoon sun so this must stabilize the snow somewhat but I would still take care when the avy risk is high. Toponeige rating: 1.3

West Face

Easiest of the routes, follow the summer path towards the Habert de Pravouta then ski the wide pistes to the south-west down to the tree line, or beyond to the road at 1200 meters if the snow is good enough.

North West Bowl

Often the best skiing. From the summit follow the bowl to the left of the ridge that descends to the col des Ayes. Ski down to the GR9 path at 1450 meters before climbing back to the col des Ayes. The col des Ayes normally has a cornice in winter which can be had to scale. These slopes can avalanche and tend to get cross loaded into a series of shallow valleys. There are also quite a few rocks on this slope. It is possible to return to le Perquelin via the GR9 to end the day.

Mountain RangeChartreuse
SummitRoc d'Arguille
Altitude1760 meters
Starting Altitude1350 meters
Vertical390 meters
MapsIGN TOP 25 3334 OT Chartreuse Sud
GPS Waypoint 
GPS RouteGoogle-Earth:col-du-coq
Grade[1]Danger: 1, Climb: F, Ski: 1.2
CommentsThe clearing of the Giclard Rau shown on the map is surrounded by cliffs, don't be tempted to ski here
Road AccessCol du Coq
RefugesHabert de Pravouta?

Trip Reports

30th November 2008

Less snow than this time last year although this seemed to be more down to the strong winds that had been blowing all week. There was about 5cm of fresh on the road driving up. Climbing up we kept close to the forest to keep out of the wind. This is also where there was the best snow, between 10-30cm of fresh depending on where you climbed. Elsewhere the snow had a wind crust as it did just below the ridge. Weather was quite warm in the foehn wind.

Skiing down we kept close to the forest. A lot of hidden rocks near the ridge and lower down through the woods. HD video here:

  • Weather : Sunny, strong foehn wind
  • Avalanche Risk: Moderate (2/5)
  • Participants: Luc + Fred
  • Snow level: 1100 m

16th November 2007

Incredible snow conditions for mid November. The south-west bowl didn't have a track in it. Champagne powder like in the Rockies. I combined it with the south-east face which had more tracks but was very skiable by the forest. The summit was windblown, same for the ridge.

80cm of snow at 1700m and 40cm at the coll. The snow was a bit slabby, maybe a sign of more dangerous conditions in the higher mountains. I did the final descent by helmet lamp - night falls quickly in November, especially when you work in Geneva during the day.

  • Weather : Overcast with light snowfall
  • Avalanche Risk: Moderate (2/5)
  • Participants: Crossed two guys who had skied the voie normale.
  • Snow level: 1000 m

28th September 2007

So this must be the last trip of 2007 given the season "officially" begins on the 1st October! The snow was dense and wet. Above 1550 meters 20 to 30cm on a small base, skis didn't touch. Less snow at the summit which was windblowm. I skied the east face and ridge, very skiable if you looked for accumulations.

  • Weather : Snowfall
  • Avalanche Risk: Moderate (2/5)
  • Participants: I saw two other skiers on the east face
  • Snow level: 1450 m (skiable)

30th May 2007

A Dent de Crolles linked with a Dome de Pravouta, without touching a single stone. Incredible for a 30th of May. What is happening to the weather? The Col du Coq was "closed" to cars but is passible with a 4x4.

26th November 2006

Snow windblown by a south-west wind. There is no base, of course. Ski difficult lower down due to the uneven slope (holes, terraces etc). 40cm of snow at the summit.

26th January 2005

A short tour to try out the powder during doubtful conditions. There were some large accumulations - 60 to 70cm in places. As a consequence we skied close to the forest. The base layers seemed stable. There was a small cornice on the ridgeline.

In any case the trip let me meet Luc - webmaster of, in the flesh and he kindly made tracks for the 400 meters.

  • Weather : Snowfall
  • Avalanche Risk: High (4/5)
  • Participants: David, Luc
  • Snow level: Valley

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