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Fritschi suffered some problems with their first stab at this binding, the Titanal I now fixed with the latest incarnation, the Titanal III. With soft skis such as the Dynastar 4x4 the binding could release at the tail and throw the skier into telemark mode. Not the thing you wanted executing delicate turns in a tight, steep couloir.

Fritschi Diamir ski-touring Binding

Fritschi Diamir ski-touring Binding

The Titanal II and III features a redesigned heel lock with 4 different lift heights for climbing, a damping plate under the heel and more height. The bindings are also supplied with longer screws and a front plate redesign that apparently overcome breakages that have been reported when using the bindings in resort. The binding features lateral toe release and vertical heel release with DIN ratings to 10.

There have been some reported problems with broken toe-pieces and for long, remote, tours it is recommended that this is carried as a spare part. The bindings can be used with straps otherwise brakes can be bought separately. The street price is around 260 € without brakes and it weighs 1750 grammes. On long tours several users have noticed that the screw holding the toe-piece can come lose. This can cause the toe to release prematurely which can be rather interesting on steep slopes. It is recommended that PTFE (plumber's) tape is used to secure this screw and that the toe piece is checked regularly.

Weight: 1750 grammes Titanal II, 1810 grammes Titanal III (source:

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