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The avalanche ball is a development of the avalanche cords that skiers used before the development of avalanche transceiver. Like a cord, it floats to the surface giving an immediate visual clue as to the location of the wearer. As we have seen in the learning lessons from avalanche accidents article this is one of the most important factors governing speedy rescue and eventual survival.

avalanche ball

Avalanche Ball

The avalanche ball is a small, spring loaded canvas ball that sits in a sack at the top of the skiers ruck sack. If there is an avalanche a cord is pulled, releasing the ball which is connected to a skier by a cord. We have tested this device (although not in an avalanche) and it seems like a good idea. The biggest disadvantage is that the ball may come to rest on the surface some meters away from the victim. However the connecting cord is thin and light and will cut through compact snow so the cord can be pulled tight until the search is directly above the victim. It is important to remember that, unlike the ABS Airbag system the ball will not aid floatation so you still need a buddy to rescue you.

More information: http://www.lawinenball.at/

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