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Introduced for the 05-06 season the Atomic Sweet Daddy is designed as an all mountain version of the now defunct Atomic MX:15 touring ski. It is Atomic's answer to Rossignol's B2/B3 offensive and also the skis of speciality manufacturers Black Diamond and Movement which have established themselves in the fatter mid-fat sector. While some people loved the Sweet Daddy's ample dimensions it met with mixed reviews from other skiers. Personally we think it is a near ideal freerando ski, it gives enough float in powder and will even cope with crusts at the same time it is light enough for extended touring.

Atomic Sweet Daddy

The ski has a fiberglass (Densolite) core which will give it a long life in the harsh ski mountaineering environment. It has the Atomic B4 profile for stiffness and Dura Edges. These are said to be five times harder than steel edges and also hardened throughout the material not just on the surface so do not lose effectiveness with repeated sharpenings. Something that will be appreciated on steep and icy pitches.

The ski performs very well in icy conditions. The sidecut is not too extreme giving an effective amount of edge contact on icy traverses for a shaped ski. The surface area and additional length provide enough float in powder and the Sweet Daddy can cope with most snow types at high speeds. The 2006-7 model has top sheet changes but is the same as last year's model. Telemark skiers should consider the Atomic Tacora, this is is a slightly redesigned and reinforced version of the Sweet Daddy designed for the stresses of free heel downhill use. That said a number of people ski the slightly lighter Sweet Daddy telemark however binding mounting will need to be done by someone skilled in the art.

  • Lengths: 154, 163, 172, 181, 190 cms
  • Weight: 2940 g / pair 172 cm (our scale)
  • Price: 439 €
  • Manufacturer: Atomic

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