Road Cycling: Alpe Busca - 994 m. (3,261 ft)

Tue, 26 July 2022


Minimum altitude: 294 meters

Distance: 41 km

Slope Aspect: South-East

Vertical Climbed: 777 meters (2,549 feet)

Vertical Descended: 779 meters

Rating: 4


Rode to the end of the road at Alpe Busca this year. There is no real view from the top - a small shrine with a fountain of very pleasant water, just mountains. After this point you could continue on a gravel bike or MTB to Alpe Collo. Quite a bit of life in Luzzogno, the village before the climb. The road to Alpe Busca is extremely steep for the first section but flattens out to just very steep afterwards. 15% over 4km but ramps that are steeper. Just at my limits. Usual Italian madness.


Pleasantly warm. Roads have been resurfaced since last year. The final climb is on a closed road with a good surface. Watch out for goats.


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